Now for something.. romantic? Probably not..

Its rare for me to write something that isn't dark or depressing (in fact, I've never written anything outside of those two feelings poetically), and even though I shouldn't be sharing this work, it still falls into the category. I somewhat pride myself on having the image of a cynic (although I don't really want to be a cynic) so why is this showing up in my poetry? A new theme and message than my usual.

I'm going to blame my new-found obsession with jazz. Nothing good can come of jazz. Although its probably deeper than that. Obsession is an issue I've been dealing with for a long time, being able to get sucked into a subject very easily, my life starts to revolve around it.


Give me your soul and I'll give you mine
We can take this a few steps at a time
I'll give it my everything
If you'll give me yours
Yet you wander out of view, trying to hide

Its never the right time, this we both know
You won't even look at me, but my sadness won't show
We spoke only once, and you fell into my heart
Yet I have failed to fall into yours

Its okay because I'm not really sad
You have someone else, and yet I'm not mad
Even from afar I can't look away
Your face, with hers, smiling brightens my day
Even though. in my heart, I wish it were me instead

I see you in the morning each day
And even into night
We cannot speak a single word
Yet you've spoken so many to me

When you gave her the ring, what did she say?
Did she say all the things that I've wanted to?
Did you enter that car together, or did one of you stay?
The ring was no longer in your possession, was it?
Yet my inner smile, somehow, faded away.

There was no invitation, probably for the best
These feelings needed to be laid to rest
Congratulations are in order, but not from me
We only spoke once
My heart still no longer free

It probably sounds somewhat creepy (for good reason, obsession is creepy). I've come to some terms with this a while ago, but I can't really say I know why this kind of thing showed up in my poetry. Or maybe its always been there but less obviously.

Take care--
Stop eating that!

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Nim said...

It's very good. You should post it to deviantart! =3

As for jazz, sometimes good things come from it: we have Baccano! and Bela Fleck. >:D And there aren't many resonator guitars in jazz...

Anyways, it's good to see you're writing again.