my declaration that K-ON! is the greatest anime ever.

Thats right, greater than the almighty Shugo Chara, conquers CCS, K-ON manages to top my favourite list.

Its sad, in an exciting totally awesome way.

Anyway, after making that short declaration, I can go on ^^.

Had a blast at my moms house last weekend. We did a lot of sitting around watching food network and walking in parks with suspicious amounts of ducks. I think they tried to eat my sister. I wish I had pictures. x_x Another awkward thing I learned: I wake up when my sister and her bf go to sleep O_o.

Short post ends here!

Or here!


Or here!!!


~avie~ said...

Yeah! A blog post!!!

Okay. I swear... all you people are ganging up on me with this K-ON thing. Everyone is going on and on and on and on about it!! REALLY? I mean, is it REALLY THAT good???

Sieg said...

lol demoinai you actually like an anime like that O.o and on top of it its your favorite o.O. maybe you arent as mean as evil as you try and act >.> lol.

Demoinai said...

It might be that good ^^ i absolutely adore the show. Can't really speak for anyone else x_x

I don't try and act mean and evil, it just happens that way.. But in general it does fall into my general group of anime that I enjoy x_x

King Ashura said...

Yay for good anime!

lol@ the ducks! That sounds cute. Wish you did have pictures. Maybe next time.

Glad to hear you had such a good time at your mum's place. ^^
I always have a lot of fun when I hang out with mum, too. ^_^

Kaijin said...

Should I say I'm surprised at this anime choice or should I say "just as expected" lol. Either way, it is a good show.