Poetry to cool the heart

I come today bearing gifts! Of mediocre poetry and sadness! Hope you enjoy ^^


I felt like writing
Pen in hand
I felt like flying
laying in the wind
I felt like lying
tongue beneath my feet
I felt like Trekking
The world turning below
But for all these things I am too slow
And with my pen moves the stars above

Against the treasure the captain lie
his sorrows buried in stone
of all his crew but for him to die
a menace abrewed outside

to his south a girl rows east
sailing across the orange sea
from the north comes sanguine treats
glowing above the tide

shadows come and fade away
time halts to his disfavour
when they come and decide to stay
he knows he has gone away


Hope you enjoyed it. Sorry about not posting last Thursday. Sort of had company ^^ didn't feel right typing a blog with people over. Hopefully I'll get the chance next this week ^^


my declaration that K-ON! is the greatest anime ever.

Thats right, greater than the almighty Shugo Chara, conquers CCS, K-ON manages to top my favourite list.

Its sad, in an exciting totally awesome way.

Anyway, after making that short declaration, I can go on ^^.

Had a blast at my moms house last weekend. We did a lot of sitting around watching food network and walking in parks with suspicious amounts of ducks. I think they tried to eat my sister. I wish I had pictures. x_x Another awkward thing I learned: I wake up when my sister and her bf go to sleep O_o.

Short post ends here!

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