I'm not back but I'm close enough!

Hello everyone ^^ Good to have an opportunity to write again! Internet outages really make you appreciate the connectivity one has with the internet. I'll try to make this a quick post (because its technically thursday now and I think posting a blog at 1 a.m is cool).

A quick story update!
I am working on it still! I want to post more, but I really can't find an opportunity to post anymore (some of it is on paper now, though, not just drafts). Friends, job hunting, apartment hunting, and general RL things prevent me from having an extra hour to type out what I've written x_x I'm sorry to anyone who is looking forward to it. =(

In other news...

The job hunt is sort of on hold right now because I'm phoneless -_- A replacement phone should be on its way, and I usually don't need the thing (nobody calls me, and I don't call people). Still, the house doesn't have a phone line anymore so I can't have it call that, and my sisters phone is busted. July doesn't seem to be my lucky month. August should be better.

In the anime department: I got to show a few friends shugo chara (one of my favourite anime <3).>

Well, take care guys! This will be up at 1 a.m exactly! I'm that good (thank you mr. post date and time boxes).

An edit in case I didn't post it already: going to my mothers this weekend =D yayness.

You know, that one person you know.


~avie~ said...

HOWDYHOWDYHOWDY! So glad you gave us an update!! I have missed your blog and seeing you in the CB! ^^

King Ashura said...

Yeah! Blog update~ Good to know you're still writing.

Hope you have fun at your mum's place this weekend. ^^

Take care!