A simple introduction to a complex Fiction and the events following Her. Ch. 4

I'm sorry this is late, I've had a lot going on lately x_x Please don't get angry with my if my updates are late for a while... I'll try getting them out on time..

The hair was strange. A mix between light brown and black fell from her head, down her shoulders, and to the seat of the car. This, mixed with the black attire,  gave her skin a pale, ghostly appearance though she was far more corporal than that.

"Wh--who are you?" Luna whispered curiously at the girl sitting next to her. She wasn't frightened. She even fully expect the answer that followed. 


They both shouted at the same time. Luna pointed at the girl at the same time as the girl raised her arms up excitedly introducing herself.

"Well its not fun if you already know." Trixy pouted sadly, lowering her arms again.

"I know." Luna rested her head on the front of the blue car.

The wind pushed them forward silently. The red and yellow stalks around them changed as they moved forward to bright purple and blue. The sky darkened to black, yet stars and moons were absent.

"What a strange place.." Luna spoke quietly. She turned her head to look backwards. The world they left behind, and any sign of their transportation to their current one, was absent. 

"Lets go look around!" Trixy shouted again. Luna grabbed her by the wrist before she could get more than a foot out of the car. "Wha--what are you doing?" She said confused.

"The car won't stay because you left. You might get lost." Trixy sat back in the car.

"I-- You're right, probably." She admitted defeat. With a yawn she curled up on the seat, resting her head on Luna's lap. "Sleep time anyway."

"Yeah..." Luna trailed off, staring off into the distance of the road. Two bright distant lights blinked in the distance as the last thing Luna saw before closing her eyes to sleep.

Short, yes. But I hope its satisfying enough. All I can get out for now. It may even be THE GREATEST THING I'VE WRITTEN EVER!!!!

Sorry... T_T


King Ashura said...

Don't worry about the "late" thing; it's nice to see you posting. ^^

Short, yes...satisfying: don't know right now. As long as it is for you. ^_^

King Ashura said...

Oh, and the cat turned into a girl?
Why does this seem so much like a...dream...

Demoinai said...

Fixed a typo. I thought I did very well this time =(

King Ashura said...

Yes, you did. I'm sorry if it seemed like I was suggesting you didn't? O.o That's so not what I meant. And yeah, I noticed the typo, too, lol. And it's okay. ^^
But anyway, I had some time in the morning and I read it again - from the beginning - and it really does seem like a dream. I mean, this girl's world. And I'm really beginning to think Trixi (cat) is the mysterious girl. Totally looking forward to some character development, though. ^^ (Luna specifically)

Oh, and one of the reasons I agree with you about how well its written this time is that it really captures you into the story. And that's just awesome. ^^