A post!

hello hello hello hello hello! Welcome to my late post from last week. I really haven't had a lot of free time lately and when I do, I simply haven't felt like typing, so sorry x_x

Still not a whole lot to talk about though... I just found out that frozen almonds are better than non-frozen almonds (or are they? hm.... need a normal almond...). Things have been going relatively okay though. Almost normal (aside from the needing to move out soon and house selling). My father is still a drunk, my sister still spends too much time with her friends instead of helping out around the house, and i'm still a quiet lunatic getting yelled at for doing what I'm supposed to -_- Yeah, I missed living with my father.

Oh! New most adorable thing ever =o Bincho-tan. I don't know why, but I simply adoree this anime x_x.

Anyway, take care guys. Next post should be monday or tuesday ^^ I've already started on it actually!




King Ashura said...

I've never tried frozen almonds...o_o And you're moving again? =/

Spy-crabs? o_o I've heard of sneaky crabs that sneak into emails that I get from Nim sometimes...but now there's spying crabs too? o_o Scary...

Demoinai said...

Well, things are rather.. out of control in my life right now and I sort of can't stand my father x_x So once this house sells I want to move away from family..

And yes, spy crabs. No doubt nim sneaks them into emails. >_> <_<

Nim said...
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Nim said...

I heard that. >_>

I don't sneak them in, they sneak in. And those aren't quite spycrabs... It would be an entirely different matter if they were spycrabs. o_o

King Ashura said...

LOL! Nah, they sneak in themselves. It's quite funny... ^_^