my posts are getting a little spaced out lately x_x i don't know when I'm going to release the next chapter of my story. Please be patiant if you're one of the people who enjoy reading it. I just haven't had time to sit down and finish it...

That being said, welcome to the thursday update! Where I'm typing while eating a veggie enchillada (composed entirely of rice, corn and beans). Pretty good, actually, for being that horrid boxed stuff people buy when they're too lazy to cook for themselves. Maybe my standards are dropping, or it is genuinely good, I forget. My food standards have dropped a lot lately though. I think one of those traffic camera's caught me at a fast food place within the last two weeks, so yeah. I still get a horribly sick feeling after eating it afterward though.

Things have gotten sort of better within the past two weeks with the father situation (aside from the fact that he still drinks between the time he gets home and the time he goes to bed). A lot of the main work is done so I can finally relax somewhat.

Hope everyone is taking care.
Something witty/philosophical/odd goes here.


King Ashura said...

"Something witty/philosophical/odd goes here." --> lol, that was good!

I don't know what or how veggie enchilada's are like, but they sure sound yummy. ^^

I hope things get better for you at home.

Oh, and like I said in the CB, it's okay take your time with the story. I'm sure it'll be worth waiting in the end. ^_^

~avie~ said...

OH! That enchilada sounds yummy! Are you a vegetarian?

Glad things are going better! ^^

Demoinai said...

Thanks for the hope guys ^^

No, I'm not a vegetarian, but I do enjoy vegetarian meals a lot. I -used- to be one. It was also a very important time in my life. ^^ I'll probably have one for lunch, too.

I really do hope I find time to post the story on Monday. It is a good one.