The Wooden Car Ch. 2

Half asleep writing about cats isn't easy
Outside it's really breezy
the howling winds hisses loudly
4:07  and I'm pretty drowsy

Its a short one, like most stories in this series will be ^^
It wasn't unusual for Luna to rise from bed at three a.m. Awkwardly, she rolled off the edge of her bed and on to her feet. She was never tired when she woke up. As soon as her brain started clicking she was ready for the day to begin. The blue glow from the world beyond her window painted her walls a bright midnight color within the empty darkness around her.

A faint yellow light shone from under the crack of her door. Luna was used to people going to bed when she woke up. The fragility of her schedule made it difficult to remain consistent week by week, but one constant was usually her habit of being up in the beginning hours of the morning. 

Not a sound rang through the air. Something was up, otherwise her mother would be marching off to bed by now. The thought was stopped by a faint meow noise coming from beyong the door. It wasn't one of her cats, but rather a bunch of cats meowing together. Rythymically, footsteps paced down the hallway at the same pace as the meowing. With the glow disappearing so too did the noises.

That is, until Luna rolled from her bed. As if appearing in front of her mother would cause trouble, Luna slowly walked from her room to the stairs. The meowing, though fainter now, began again. It didn't grow louder with her descent down the stairs, but she got the feeling more cats joined the song. 

The tile was cold at the bottom as it usually was at night. Her socks had been forgotten upstairs and replaced with subtle curiousity. Her feet moved to the door and her hands reached for the knob. With a creak, the door swung open along with the one from her mothers room.

"What are you doing?" Luna's mother asked from over the railing.

"Checking on the noise." Luna replied quietly. In response her mothers face twisted before going back into her room and closing the door.

Close to fifty cats stood around a blue vehicle sitting in the drive way. It wasn't a car in the most usual sense, but it certainly shared characteristics with it. The body was painted blue and connected to two axels were wheels. A wide two person seat was carved to the front of the vehicle and covered with padding. There was no cover above the seat, but directly behind it towered a small while sail.

Luna ran toward it, scaring off most of the cats. The car itself contained subtle grooves and detail patterns that could only be seen close up. The fact that it was made of wood as well remained hidden due to the paint. "49," appeared in several places along the vehicle.

A small turtoise patterned cat jumped into the front seat and screeched loudly. She paced around the seat as if waiting for Luna. Luna reached out her hand to pet the cat, and in response it moved teasingly to the second seat.

Luna didn't fall for the bait. Instead she turned around and walk back to the house, calling the cat to follow. "Come on trixi, I'm hungry." With that, the cat jumped down and lead Luna to the door as the rest of the cats dispersed into the dark neighbourhood.

More to come, probably far more interesting than this ^^Taking this one slowly.


King Ashura said...

VERY interesting. You got the cryptic part, right. I'm curious about that strange blue car. o.o

Luna's sleeping routine made me wonder about yours - think they're similar? ^^

Oh, I like the little 'poem' before the story. Cute. ^^

As always, it's beautifully written - just a few spelling issues, but other than that, I'm so happy you've written another chapter.
Looking forward to the next one. :)

Demoinai said...

Thank you ^^ Like I've stated before, its not my place to destroy secrets in my stories, but the car is more or less just a vessel for exploring the things coming up. ^^

I think Luna's habits and style are going to be based off me for quite a while (at least in part). ^^ It is also worth noting that Trixi is an alternative spelling for my real cat-- a small female tortoise patterned cat.

Lately I've been writing small 4-liners. Not particularly deep, but certainly fun poems ^^ Not that short poetry can't be deep (see: Emily Dickinson).

King Ashura said...

Emily Dickinson! She's one of my favourites (after Robert Frost, of course). ^_^
Her style of poetry is just awesome; short but powerful.

And I know and agree with you about not destroying secrets in the stories - kind of defeats the purpose then, right? I think it's all about the reader's own interpretation - even if turns out to be something wacky, at least you know your work was thought-provoking, and that there is more than one meaning to your work (that is, more than the meaning you had in mind). It's always nice to see that.

Oh, and now I really want to know what a "tortoise patterned cat" looks like, because I really can't imagine it. =/ Sounds unique, though!

Demoinai said...

Emily Dickinson is one of my favourites too ^^ I have a neat collection of her poetry on my bookshelf I read every once in a while ^^

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tortoiseshell_cat tortoise cats (and calico cats).

I think one of the b est parts about writing is hearing what other people think and think about it. Rather than just being an authors way of portraying their thoughts and ideas, it creates a sort of mini dialogue between the two. Two people can see two totally different things from the same richly detailed and specific paragraph that maybe even the author didn't see. In its own way, it makes writing a rewarding experience instead of a creative one (though, creativity for me itself is rewarding because I'm not a particularly creative person, just imaginative).

King Ashura said...

Maybe you are creative AND imaginative - I think so, because of the way you write.
And I agree - you put it really well - creative writing really is a sort of dialogue between the author and the reader. And it's helpful to a writer to have readers/reviewers who can provide different perspectives...

A piece of writing is good if it can make other think. ^_^

And thank you for the link! Those cats look so cool - look at all the colours! Even though I grew up with cats all around the neighbourhood, I don't think I remember these kinds of cats. In fact, the only cat that stands out in memory is a black cat with pale eyes. I was walking past her and she was just sitting and staring on the hood of the neighbour's car. o.o