I like making excuses, leave me alone.

I know I said the next story in my chronological series of stories would come last monday but things kind of happened in a way that they couldn't.. Between getting caught up with rock band and pearl jam then my internet falling out... Yeah...

But that doesn't mean we can't have a good time this day right?! O_O My first post of my the month after all.

Lots of stuff going on this week. Sleeping, not eating, my usual hijinx and issues.

As many (all) of you know, I've been watching naruto for a week now. Boy, is it... its a trip certainly. Lots of drama, emoness, rage, and general deceitfulness with the audiance just in case they can develop something out of things later. Overall I'm pleasently surprised with it. Having gone through 85 eps in a week it doesn't quite beat my previous speed watching record (51 in 3 days), but pretty close. I almost mentioned this in last weeks post, but completely forgot. ^^

Take care people,
Until next week,
Sinnoni the Wonderfully Awesome


King Ashura said...

*cries in a corner*
Okay, I feel better now. I was wondering what happened - Monday came, and went...and still no story. o_o

But it's okay. It's worth the wait. ^^

Glad to hear you're doing well...Although, I'm sorry to hear you're not eating..well, enough? Don't know what's going on there. x_x

Can't say anything about Naruto, seeing as I've never bothered watching it. Didn't think I'd be interested; now, however, I find many friends watching it obsessively, so I wonder..

lol@"emoness" :P

Take care

~avie~ said...

I told you! Naruto is wicked awesome!

Sorry things are rough right now! *hugs* The hard times eventually pass - I promise! ^^

Demoinai said...

Sorry Lia, but I really promise that it will be out Monday ^^

Kiyuri: it really is ^^ it has a strange way of making you want to watch the next episode even though you know you can't/shouldn't.

Lia: It is worth watching if you have time ^^ But I'm not traditionally a fan of shounen anime, so my word is probably less valid ^^