Its thursday, which means I get to type things to my lovely audiance of readers. Hello!

Still not a whole lot going on, yet... Sooo much going on its insane x_x Not a whole lot in the anime area. I'm still in the dead center of Naruto and haven't found the time to watch it (or anything else, really). 

Most of what is keeping my occupied is stuff that matters. For instance: mother moving away, father moving in, the house being on sale. I also have a job (though temporary) so its pretty neat yet worrying at the same time. It's not a big job, so its not worth going into (so don't ask). It'll be nice to secure money so that when the time comes I have something to survive on. I don't see being in the care of others for that much longer so I'm still looking for a more permanent job x_x

Not really a whole lot else to say, so take care everyone. ^^

Stay away from manholes.



~avie~ said...

I think I can relate to how you feel! Nothing is going on - yet EVERYTHING is going on! :P

Good luck with the new job and YAYS for spending $$!!!!


King Ashura said...

Oh, I really hope you can adjust living with your dad. ^^

And congratulations on the job! That really is awesome! Yay for monies. ^.^

And err..manholes? o_o

Demoinai said...

Its not really spending money, I'm saving it =( I would like to spend it, but I've spent a lot of money in the past year that I really shouldn't have.

It's frightening having so many things happening almost like background things that you can't really interfere with. They have to happen. Like living with my dad. Haven't seen him very much in the past year, but I think it's adjusting normally.

Manholes are dangerous stuff.