Good evening! Or morning, I guess, for you morning people -_-

Not a whole lot going on this week, so I'll explain why my story was late. Plants vs. Zombies. As many of you know, quite a few people are addicted to it and so am I. -_- I had gotten it sometime in the afternoon and ended up playing it until 9:30 then realized my blog was late coming out. Sorry if it seems rushed. T_T

Anime this week has been non-existent (same as last week) but I'll probably get back onto Naruto by next week (I hope).

And my mother is moving out.

Take care guys.


~avie~ said...

OH!!!! So THAT explains Kai's blog.... I should have read yours first... *sings "we dont want zombies on our lawn..."*

Your mom is moving out? Are you moving too? *confused*

King Ashura said...

Your mum is moving out? Does that mean you're going to live by yourself now? =/

And that song, like I said on Kai's blog, is just too cool. I listened to it this morning, and it's still stuck in my head. The good thing is, it'll probably still be running through my head at work later this evening..you know, in case some stupid song is playing there. -.-

Hope you're doing well. ^^

Kaijin said...

This is all your fault Dem, all your fault. lol just kidding. PvZ has probably consumed a lot of lives(and brains) these past few days.