Its thursday, which means I get to type things to my lovely audiance of readers. Hello!

Still not a whole lot going on, yet... Sooo much going on its insane x_x Not a whole lot in the anime area. I'm still in the dead center of Naruto and haven't found the time to watch it (or anything else, really). 

Most of what is keeping my occupied is stuff that matters. For instance: mother moving away, father moving in, the house being on sale. I also have a job (though temporary) so its pretty neat yet worrying at the same time. It's not a big job, so its not worth going into (so don't ask). It'll be nice to secure money so that when the time comes I have something to survive on. I don't see being in the care of others for that much longer so I'm still looking for a more permanent job x_x

Not really a whole lot else to say, so take care everyone. ^^

Stay away from manholes.



No story today =(

Won't have time to put out a story this week, sorry. =( Busy day today (but I wanted to post something).



Good evening! Or morning, I guess, for you morning people -_-

Not a whole lot going on this week, so I'll explain why my story was late. Plants vs. Zombies. As many of you know, quite a few people are addicted to it and so am I. -_- I had gotten it sometime in the afternoon and ended up playing it until 9:30 then realized my blog was late coming out. Sorry if it seems rushed. T_T

Anime this week has been non-existent (same as last week) but I'll probably get back onto Naruto by next week (I hope).

And my mother is moving out.

Take care guys.


Beginning Ch. 3

Probably not actually getting out until Thursday. x_x Totally sorry! My mind really isn't in the right place today.
Trixi's front paws stretched across the ceiling. Her claws gripped the carpet to pull her body forward and stretched her hind legs. Upon returning to her normal stance, she jumped onto the table and stared at Luna who sat upside down on the couch.

The living room itself was very open. The only way you would know you entered the kitchen is the change of texture under your feet from warm carpet fabric to cold stone tiling. A couch rested across from the kitchen itself, and between the two was a large glass coffee table. To the wall on the right side of the couch sat two recliners and a table between them. A dusty antique lamp sat in the center of the table, though it hadn't been touched in a long while.

Next to Luna on the couch was her book bag. Though it has been empty of books for quite some time, Luna's book bag still held a few valuables for her. In the main portion of the purple carrier a few pads of paper tightly fit. The side compartments held an assortment of pens and pencils and in the front pouch her ds was secured by a strap. She called this her travel kit, even though it went with her wherever she went and sometimes went unused.

"Grocer---" Luna's mother started as the front door swung open. "Oh, you're already down here. Could you please help with groceries? Only a few bags left." Several bags hung off her mothers arms as she emerged from behind the staircase blocking the view of the door. "Where is your sister?"

Luna rolled off the couch and started walking toward the front door. "Off with friends," she spoke softly, as usual. 

"Oh, ok. Thank you!" Her mother shouted from inside. Luna walked past the blue wooden car and directly to her mothers silver car. 

It was strange how little attention her family had given to the car outside their house. It had been several days since it had arrived and nobody had said anything about it. Even when she brought it up to her mother earlier in the day, "You should stop laying upside down. It must not be very good for you.." is the only response her mother gave. From there Luna simply accepted that the car was nothing but her imagination.

The back door of the car was still open, revealing two bags ready to be carried in. She grabbed them then elbowed the door closed. Her feet stepped over the frame of the door just as her book bag scurried past her.

"He--hey!" Luna shouted and placed the bags inside. "trixi!"

Trixi sat in the second seat of the wooden car. Luna launched herself into the car and caught the bag as Trixi released it from her mouth. She sat in the car for a second and pulled the bag close to her. 

"Don't do that again." Luna huffed breathlessly. Trixi rubbed against her then curled up in the seat.

The car started rolling out of the drive way swiftly. Luna gripped her bag close to her chest defensively as Trixi's purrs could be felt against her leg. The car turned out and sat calmly in the middle of the street as the wind died. Sighing, Luna released her grip on the bag.

The wind launched them forward again. The colours of the neighbourhood blended together as they raced by in a straight line. The blues and greens around them were shapeless blurs, and lost more shape the faster they went.

"Wha.. whats happening!?" Luna shouted. It was rare that she was this scared. What's more frightening was the mocking, "We're going on an adventure," that she could of sworn came from the cat laying next to her peacefully.

The colours around them changed. What was once blue and green was now replaced by reds and yellows. Large mushroom and stalks towered around them as the wind died down. The road was still the same, however. It was a large charcoal line dividing the sea of mushrooms in half.

"Wh--where are we?" Luna asked herself.

"We are.... I don't know!!!" An excited shout came from next to her, not from a cat, but from a girl replacing the cat. Her arms stretch upward into a V.

Probably a little strange, and only gets stranger from here ^^ Sorry its out so late x_x


The Wooden Car Ch. 2

Half asleep writing about cats isn't easy
Outside it's really breezy
the howling winds hisses loudly
4:07  and I'm pretty drowsy

Its a short one, like most stories in this series will be ^^
It wasn't unusual for Luna to rise from bed at three a.m. Awkwardly, she rolled off the edge of her bed and on to her feet. She was never tired when she woke up. As soon as her brain started clicking she was ready for the day to begin. The blue glow from the world beyond her window painted her walls a bright midnight color within the empty darkness around her.

A faint yellow light shone from under the crack of her door. Luna was used to people going to bed when she woke up. The fragility of her schedule made it difficult to remain consistent week by week, but one constant was usually her habit of being up in the beginning hours of the morning. 

Not a sound rang through the air. Something was up, otherwise her mother would be marching off to bed by now. The thought was stopped by a faint meow noise coming from beyong the door. It wasn't one of her cats, but rather a bunch of cats meowing together. Rythymically, footsteps paced down the hallway at the same pace as the meowing. With the glow disappearing so too did the noises.

That is, until Luna rolled from her bed. As if appearing in front of her mother would cause trouble, Luna slowly walked from her room to the stairs. The meowing, though fainter now, began again. It didn't grow louder with her descent down the stairs, but she got the feeling more cats joined the song. 

The tile was cold at the bottom as it usually was at night. Her socks had been forgotten upstairs and replaced with subtle curiousity. Her feet moved to the door and her hands reached for the knob. With a creak, the door swung open along with the one from her mothers room.

"What are you doing?" Luna's mother asked from over the railing.

"Checking on the noise." Luna replied quietly. In response her mothers face twisted before going back into her room and closing the door.

Close to fifty cats stood around a blue vehicle sitting in the drive way. It wasn't a car in the most usual sense, but it certainly shared characteristics with it. The body was painted blue and connected to two axels were wheels. A wide two person seat was carved to the front of the vehicle and covered with padding. There was no cover above the seat, but directly behind it towered a small while sail.

Luna ran toward it, scaring off most of the cats. The car itself contained subtle grooves and detail patterns that could only be seen close up. The fact that it was made of wood as well remained hidden due to the paint. "49," appeared in several places along the vehicle.

A small turtoise patterned cat jumped into the front seat and screeched loudly. She paced around the seat as if waiting for Luna. Luna reached out her hand to pet the cat, and in response it moved teasingly to the second seat.

Luna didn't fall for the bait. Instead she turned around and walk back to the house, calling the cat to follow. "Come on trixi, I'm hungry." With that, the cat jumped down and lead Luna to the door as the rest of the cats dispersed into the dark neighbourhood.

More to come, probably far more interesting than this ^^Taking this one slowly.


I like making excuses, leave me alone.

I know I said the next story in my chronological series of stories would come last monday but things kind of happened in a way that they couldn't.. Between getting caught up with rock band and pearl jam then my internet falling out... Yeah...

But that doesn't mean we can't have a good time this day right?! O_O My first post of my the month after all.

Lots of stuff going on this week. Sleeping, not eating, my usual hijinx and issues.

As many (all) of you know, I've been watching naruto for a week now. Boy, is it... its a trip certainly. Lots of drama, emoness, rage, and general deceitfulness with the audiance just in case they can develop something out of things later. Overall I'm pleasently surprised with it. Having gone through 85 eps in a week it doesn't quite beat my previous speed watching record (51 in 3 days), but pretty close. I almost mentioned this in last weeks post, but completely forgot. ^^

Take care people,
Until next week,
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