Walking around in daylight and the new story. (cornchips) (deleted cornchips title)

I was just going to write a short post.

I lied to myself (something I do a lot, actually, its a bad habit T_T), I think. I guess we'll find out.

It is thursday. 2:21AM, no daylight to be seen, yet here I sit in a glow
here I am; moping around
There was snow, now there's not; just a hail from below
fields in the gather'd cats

This won't be posted for several more hours so I'm allowed to rant, delete, rant again, delete, leave, come back, rant some more, back space for several hours, re-write, decide to go in a different direction, decide on a new title, go in a new direction keeping the old but unrelated title, come up with a whacky title relating to cornchips (just added cornchips to the title), delete cornchips from the title (just deleted cornchips from the title), place cornchips and deleted cornchips in the title, walk away again, review all the nonesense i've written, decided its good, going away again, fell asleep but still typing(!), woke up, re-reviewed my review of what I've written and decided its not good enough, deleted -everything-, just kidding its still there,  write a new rant, read a book, go to lia's blog to listen to a song, come back and realize I haven't typed anything constructive, and finally given this my stamp of approval. Moving on.

So monday (I think monday) I decided to write down a first chapter of a one chapter story in a series of single chapter shorts.In my world, this means you'll be seeing The Wooden Car ch. 2 next monday. I should amend my blog to reflect this schedule change, but I won't.

Its less of a story than a dream diary with some changes made to hide a lot of my personal life but still give you all the interesting parts. Its really neat when you dream about your own life sometimes, but it never really works out how your dreams seem to want it to go (for instance, when I'm sleepy, i'm not that graceful, but its nice to think I am =D). In some way, I may have done something in this post that I don't like doing (killing the magic), but the story doesn't really hide itself in reality the same way my other did.

Anyway, I honestly don't care if you guys like the story, but I hope it's enjoyable enough that I'm typing at nobody. Until next week: take care ^^

See ya.


~avie~ said...

I cant wait to check out the new story demo! *noms on corn chips*

King Ashura said...

That was hilarious! =D
Differebt, certainly, but enjoyable nonetheless: was almost like a little peek into your life, for just a brief moment...

There's people giggling on the table behind me, and it's terribly annoying. -_-

I can't wait to read your story on Monday! You won't disappoint us, I know. ^_^

Hmm, I don't think I like cornchips much. x_x

And I guess you're concerned about how much you reveal when you write a story, but I think you should just let it go and write freely first. I mean, I'm just thinking about a what-if scenario: what if you worry enough about that, that it begins to show in your writing. Not that it ever has before: seemed forced, that is. Just a random thought, I guess.

I should get going..

Take care!

Demoinai said...

Glad you're both looking forward to the story ^^

I guess part of this new story is to help me learn to let things go. That it is also incredibly fun to write also makes it easier.

*noms cornchips* I used to hate em, too..

King Ashura said...

Well, there's a reason they say writing (no matter what type it might be) is therapeutic. I guess there's many ways you could 'let things go' in your stories - we'd probably not notice it, but as long as it helps you. ^_^

Are corn chips yellow and have a twisted shape? O_o

Demoinai said...

corn chips cover a wide range of types of chips, it just matters that it uses cornmeal to make it. ^^

You're right, you guys probably wouldn't notice a thing. It is still something that bothers me, though. Sort of like how some germs and bacteria are good for you, yet I'm mysophobic.

King Ashura said...

Mysophobic...Is that similar to germophobia or am I really far off? Gosh, wow...I didn't know. *_*

Demoinai said...

Exact same thing ^^