The Game. Chapter 1

It's probably strange. How I'm writing so much -_- Yet at the same time, here I am. Desperately clinging to the only thing I have ever had.




Yet Luna slept away covered in emerald blankets. She heard the knocking and the tiny footsteps traveling down the staircase. It was an unusual day for her sister to get the door. While Luna's room was furthest, all the access points gave her the most clear noise indication that something was happening in the house.



The door swung open. Behind Luna, through the window, the sound of two cats meowing to be let in could be heard. "Where's Luna?!" Yelled a male voice from downstairs. "I'll go get her..." Her sister's voice, though lighter, could also be heard from downstairs.



The cats were now scratching at the back door. The man downstairs paced back and fourth almost angrily. Over all this Luna still heard the quiet footsteps of her sister jogging up the stairs, past her room and the closet, and finally resting right in front of her door.

The door swung upon. Luna stood there in her pajamas as her sister looked like she were about to knock. "I'm up," she whispered and marched slowly past her sister. Her home was a two story with plain white interior. With a smile she gracefully moved across the hallway, down the stairs, and into the entrance area. 

"You have my game!" The man yelled as Luna walked past him to the back door. Before she finished sliding it open the cats squeezed through, ran past her, and darted to the food bowl.

"What game?" She asked as she moved back up the stairs.

"Fourty-nine!" He yelled. "You--you don't remember?! You have it?" 

"I don't remember having such a game. If I find it I will let you know." She knew she didn't have the game. She would genuinely look for it, but that a game by that name existed she knew perfectly well it was false. The man didn't appear anywhere in her past either.

"Thank you..." He was disappointed, but he left. The door shut at the same time Luna's did.

Her room was white as well, contrasted by her sister's pink, but the walls were filled by video game posters and chinese culture posters. In the corner away from her door her computer rested on a black corner desk.

She opened up a search engine and typed in the games name. As she suspected. Nothing related to what she wanted popped up. She went to videos and looked around. Nothing. There were no images, webpages, encyclopedia, wiki, videos, or sounds related to the game.

Except a small sound file. Fourty-Nine theme.





Her cat's attempts to enter her room followed the same rhythm as the song. From start to finish. After the song ended her cat's normal attempt patterns returned.

"I must be asleep still." Luna thought. She lifted her blinds slightly to be flashed by the orange glow of the sunset. A crowd of cats gathered in the middle of the road behind her. Fifty of them at least.

After closing her blinds she got up and laid in bed. After pulling the covers over her head she passed into her dreamland.


King Ashura said...

"Desperately clinging to the only thing I have ever had." ?

Are you referring to your writing up there?

But it's awesome that you're writing a lot. It is NOT strange at all! o_o

This story seems like a dream! And the cats Luna's conscious mind, struggling to wake her up. o.o I don't know...this is just what it made me think of. ^^
What do you think it is? The angry man was a bit scary; at first I thought it was her father, I mean, even her sister seemed worried...

I like the ending, though. I'm not sure why, but I just did.
As always, is's beautifully written. :)

It says "Chapter 1" up there...More to come?

Demoinai said...

Well, I guess it is appropriate that it seems like a dream, because this is the second time I woke up after this dream. But I think a lot of my writing could be described as dream-like.

There will be more to come because I have so much to write about having started it ^^ One of those things where once you get started ideas start to happen.