Free Realms! ...and other stuff, I guess.

Hello! As everyone in CB knows, yesterday the Free Realms NDA was listed, so I can talk about -everything-. Consequently, I intend on it. Just as a warning to people who don't play games and happen to read my blog, this won't interest you at all unless you like colourful artwork. If you want to skip past this, there's a line below to the important part ^^

For those of you who don't know what free realms is, its a sort-of free mmo (sort-of free, as in, you can do a -lot- on a free membership, but to access all the features you need to have a paid account or use the cash shop). Its specifically designed for children, but has a much broader appeal to adults  and teenagers as well. As far as I'm aware there really isn't much story involved.

The vast majority of the game is designed for just hanging around with friends rather than actually doing stuff. At the same time, however, there are a ton of minigames just laying around (the first three you see are combat, fruit/veggie harvesting, and cooking). There are quests which help get you started on, or help leveling up, certain jobs (which you pick up via quests or talking to certain people).

This is the job screen. There are two pages, i'm not posting both. My currently equipped job is from the second screen though (pet trainer).

A better look at the pet trainer outfit without the interface. After this, I switched to the card duelist outfit (not only because I think it looks better, but because I think the pet trainer outfit looks funny where I go from there).

Because it is a beta, you still get the sense that things are under construction. While the core game is actually relatively bugless (there are still some, some very important ones actually), there are a lot of areas that you can't access. Because the game is open world and there are no zone lines (loading screens between areas) they did have a clever way of showing that things were blocked...

Thought it'd be an interesting thing to show for people who've never experienced this sort of thing. They have opened up areas within the time i've been in beta, so they are making progress, and on the atlas there is room for the world to grow in a runescape-like fashion. Its also worth noting that the world size you can use now is the same as the current free area in runescape.

Though it took a while to find a good place to take a screenshot, when you're walking up to briarwood you're treated to a very nice view of  a hedge maze. Briarwood is probably itself one of the cooler places to be (though, hanging around it not so much). 

The area right behind that. Not going to spoil how to looks when you first approach though... That floating stone, by the way, is actually a point where you can warp into the area after you discover it. On the atlas find the warpstone icon, click on it, and you'll teleport to the area.

A nice view, though you can also see the limitations of the view distance. The overall options aren't costumizable at all, so you can't adjust things beyond three option sliders (which I'm hoping change).

A hotspring (that you can't walk into -_-) =D.

Anyway, my overall experience with the game has been great. Its a very strange mix between a theme park and a free open world game. There really aren't any restrictions are where you can go aside content wise. There are barriers keeping you from accessing spots (like the one above) because there simply isn't anything there for us to see.

If you want to see the rest of my current screenshots. Anyway, onto other stuff.

Been overloaded lately -_- sooo many chores in the past few days... At the same time i've been fitting in fun though (which I have a talent for, its called procrastinating). Kinda exhausted lately, though. Sister is sick (so more chores for me, yay). But oh well, how it goes.

I started watching lucky star again. Very fascinating anime. Other than that, I can't remember the last new thing I watched O_O. Sort of got my fill of anime in the past few months to last me a while. Its not very easy to just sit and watch anime over and over as people think it is. Things sort of start to blend together, and while I usually have a good sense of event sequence, I start to lose that after a while...

Its also great to get the story finished. I was worried I might delay it again... I don't think I could of handled that and still have part two out ever. I don't think I'll ever write a single short story into parts again. Much easier to do it all at once so you don't sit there worry ing about what about yourself are you accidently revealing that you'd rather stay hidden, or whether you want to people to know you really think a certain way. After a while I start to have regrets, too, should I of written it that way? In the end, I guess I have to learn to let go of those worries, its hard to write what I really want to with them. 

Posting a story so publically isn't something I do very often. The only person who really ever reads my stories isn't even a reader of my blog ^^ (didn't know I had one, actually). Next time I write one, though, I'm going to find somebody to edit, though, so its a little higher quality than the last story (which does deserve edited, I really love that story).

Well, until next week. Take care ^^



~avie~ said...

That game looks and sounds very cool!!! Makes me wish I had more free time T__T

Demoinai said...

It is very cool =o but if you've survived up until without games, you'll keep on surviving. Don't worry about it ^^

King Ashura said...

Your review/critique of the game? o_o

Fun = procrastinating? lol ^^

And that's an interesting point you made about writing stories and how much of the author is revealed by writing it. At least that's what you said made me think of...

And the second part to your first story IS better - in terms of proofreading it and all. But it would be nice to get a second opinion on your work before posting it, for sure. ^^
It was an awesome story - not sure if I mentioned that - I liked the way it was written, the ending made my head spin, and...there was just something so haunting about it. o.o Again, that's what I thought, not sure if you intended on making it out that way. ^_^

Demoinai said...

That is what I meant. Unless the idea was forced, a lot of writing holds a bit of yourself in it. Even the act of trying to hide those things still reveals something.