Dream House. Part Two.

Posting this today with another post on the way tomarrow. Glad to get it out. Now: the conclusion.

The house seemed completely Foreign. The stone path flowed straight from the gate to the house as if directing the girl to walk up to it. The yard itself fit the autumn weather surrounding the neighbourhood. She was sure it was the right house. It was the only house in the area featuring a stream of water cutting across the front.

It was now the weekend. At the same time, however, it felt like any normal day for her. Time blurred for her between the time she left this house and this very moment. School work, family, sleep, and class all faded from her mind. 'This is it,' she thought. 'Why was I here again?'

It was either the pathway that encouraged thoughts like this or Rada's uncertainty bloomed the closer she came to something strange to her. Before she knew it, however, the door swung open into the familiar rainbow hall. The door closed behind her as the Caretaker entered the entry hall in the same gown as before.

"You were able to come back, Rada." She spoke quietly. Almost sleepily, she wandered toward the girl standing by the door.

"It was harder to find. The yard changed." Rada said.

"Yes, it... does that." The caretaker spoke carefully.

"What's wrong?" Rada asked.

"We should go sit somewhere." The Caretaker whispered. She turned quickly, but with the grace of a host, lead Rada down the left passage.

Rada slouched as she followed the Caretaker's gliding steps into a large dining hall. Oil lanterns hung from the ceiling, filling the room with a dim orange glow. Unlike the other rooms Rada has seen, the people on the walls were very different from eachother. The line-up of young to old still matched, but prominence was placed on several people in their thirties. A long table stretched from where they entered to what appeared to be the doors to the kitchen.

"A lot of chefs have visited this place. It is remarkable how inspired this place can be for so many people. Yet at the same time, you aren't affected by any of it are you?" The Caretaker asked cautiously.

"It's interesting, I suppose..." Rada started, "But... No, not really." She sat down at the end of the table.

The Caretaker sat down as well. "My time here is almost up." She rested her head on the table, staring down toward the kitchen. "I should be happy, but... I suppose its like death. What will happen to me beyond that door? What will happen here when I'm gone?"

"Why are you telling me this?" Rada asked. Her facial expression was slightly horrified.

The Caretaker rose and sat up in her chair. "I need a successor and I think you're it."

"But..." Rada paused.

"There isn't really a whole lot of choice. I have to leave, today. And somebody has to stay. Regardless of how either of us feels, this is how it has to happen." The Caretaker waved her hand. A cup of tea appeared before her.

"But... You regard this place as a prison..." Is all she could say as she watched The Caretaker reach out for the tea.

"In some ways. You're trapped here. In others, this is a sanctuary. Nothing outside can harm you." The Caretaker smiled.

Rada stood. As she turned to leave the Caretaker said one thing. "The door won't open until I'm ready to leave today. So please sit and hear me out."

"If nobody is here, what will become of it?" The Caretaker asked.

"I don't know." Rada said. "I don't care."

The Caretaker finished her tea and stood up. "Then we'll leave."

She walked with Rada to the door. The Caretaker was afraid and Rada knew it. But at the same time, she was relieved. 'It wasn't torture living here,' she thought. Yet deep in her mind her burden was freeing itself.

The door swung open for them. "Are you ready?" Asked Rada. The Caretaker nodded. The rainbow colors passed them by as they stepped through the door.
Rada stood alone in an empty lot. It wasn't like waking up. She knew somebody stood next to her a second ago. The stream, the trees, the house, and the person she was with no longer existed. With a smile, Rada jumped on her bike and pedaled home.


Sudden endings for the win! Sorry if it disappoints x_x New post tomarrow, have fun until then!


King Ashura said...

O_O *blink blink*

What just happened? I can't believe it's over; I have so many questions! Like, like...
What was going on with the whole mystery thing: about the house, Rada, the Caretaker.
Ah, I have too many questions. x_x

Then again, because it's such an abrupt ending, there is one other way I could interpret it; that this was just like that 'moment-in-time' experience, where some small thing happens, it changes your life, you think about it a lot, never forget it, but never understand what really happened. O.o

I don't know - I think I'm not explaining it properly. *_*

But that aside, this part was written better than the last one. And as always, it's amazingly descriptive - no matter what the rest of the story is like, I know I won't be disappointed with your writing style. ^_^
It felt rushed closer to the end - but as a reader, I can accept this ending. Everything about this story has been a mystery; and now so is the ending.

I thought the best part was where the Caretaker decided Rada was the Successor...o_o That part really made me think of R. L. Stine's series of Ghost Stories. Something unfair and scary is always happening to the poor kids in those stories. x_x

Now what I really want to know is your thoughts on this short story: what did YOU think about the ending? Why is it the way it is; was it meant to be this way all along? Or is it like this because it is something you used to think about, and that is how it has always ended for you...

Anyway, thank you for completing the story! ^_^ It was a lot of fun to read, and I really hope you will continue writing. :)

Demoinai said...

R.L Stine's books are so cool x_x I guess in a lot of ways his books would have to influence my style since I read them so much as a kid.

I guess my problem with telling people what I think about a story sort of kills it on a mystery level. In some ways its like a magic trick. When you find out how to do a trick, doesn't the magic die for you? Revealing the mystery would be me killing the magic.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. It is always nice to know that the things that fascinate me in my mind are interesting to other people as well.

King Ashura said...

Fair enough. ^_^
And YES! You like R. L. Stine's books too! Have you read all of Fear Street - I devoured that series. x_x I think I've read most of his books, moved on from the Ghost Stories after a while, but I still love the rest of his books. They're not only scary, but he manages to capture 'something' about human behaviour that is so...haunting, it's just....Hmmm.

Demoinai said...

At the time I was into his books my family was really -really- poor, so I didn't get to read a lot of them, (and my germaphobia has always prevented me from using libraries)so the amount of exposure to all his series is limited x_x But he really is a wonderful writer. I still have a lot of his books sitting on my shelf, but fear street isn't one of them =(

King Ashura said...

Awww >_< ... I wish there was a way for you to read that series at least.
What about Stephen King? Have you read his books? Are you into horror/mystery stories?

Demoinai said...

Actually, no. I'm not into horror or mystery. For the most part I dislike the genre with exception of a few authors.

What I've read of Stephen King doesn't really interest me, sadly. I have two of his books, but haven't been able to finish either x_x