I'll start by saying that next week I -may- have something special for you all. If you're disappointed this week I hope it'll be better next week (if its not, then oh well). Not garunteeing that I have something, but I may.

In other news, our house is on sale. Though my mother isn't happy about it, we've been doing an okay job at keeping it up for buyers. Its kind of exiting, too. We don't really know where we're going once the house sells. I'm sure something will work out.

I'm back to playing rock band, but I'm really out of practice on drums again x_x Not playing as much as I used to, though. Still, very fun game to play with other people.

Oh! Important! The anime I spoke about last week: the weird one? Its not as weird as it was ^^ I've gotten a few episodes into it and decided: its just a greek mythology in middle school form with magical girl transformations, a cute cat, and weird childhood romances. Not as bad as I made it out to be, but it can be really depressing. Still glad I sat down and watched more of it, though. It still hasn't explained the beginning of the first episode though, which really irritates me.

Anyway, take care everyone and have a safe friday and weekend ^^


King Ashura said...

Curious about this week's title: "bleh" ...

And very intrigued by what you might be bringing us next week. And if you don't, then well, that's alright, too.

Oh, and glad to hear you're enjoying the anime a bit now...

King Ashura said...

Oh! I hope things with the house work out for you guys. You're right, though, it is kind of exciting - perhaps, you will like the change?

Demoinai said...

Well, I wasn't sure what I was gunna write this week so I wrote a title (bleh) and just starting typing information. It wasn't really that much, but just follow up of last weeks entry anyway ^^

Thanks for the support on the house thing x_x I tend to dislike moving, though. Its difficult for me to readjust to new places as easily as the rest of my family.

~avie~ said...

Anime isnt anime unless there is an element of emo. *nod nod*

Yes! Moving is exciting! Keep us up to date on this!

I am all excited about the surprise next week! I CANT WAIT!!!!! ^^

Demoinai said...

Thats sadly true x_x but this anime is toying with my sensibilities... It was horrible, then weird, and now its just intriguing =(

You don't have to get that excited ^^ You guys may not even like the surprise.