Pre-post edit: Meh, posting a few hours early. Its time somewhere.

Writing this blog before Thursday. Win for me!

Not going to post it until Thursday, however. So no early blog for you.

To start, it has been quite the week. After not only getting rid of my blog for a full minute, but restoring it to its full capacity, however, the excitement kind of dies... Dull reality sets in and takes back its place as being the tone of the day.

I sort-of started a new anime (not going to name it this time) in that I've watched one episode, decided the cat was adorable (and thought the entire show would of been better had the cat been alive), then decided I have no idea what is going on. It was quite confusing and a good reason why starting a series with a scene from close to the end does not work the same way it would in movies. Unless the scene is played again quickly, people won't really ever knows what it means. Where as in movies it could be used to highlight the dilimna that the character(s) are facing somewhat effectively. After that first episode, however, the only knew thing I understood about the character was that she was depressed, then she was God. The dilimna in the opening scene is vastly different than the one in the rest of the episode.

Some people like this kind of thing, I guess. Without any explaination I just can't see the appeal.

Decided to take another break from rock band ^^ (if nim asks, I'm playing it religiously). After playing the endless setlist to completion, I think it is best. To rest my wrists particularly. I don't want to pull something that doesn't want pulled. The setlist did a bigger number on me than I thought. Kind of exhausted now x_x

You will all see this post tomarrow! Even though it was written today.


~avie~ said...

Ummm... since when did any anime make sense? LOL!!

Demoinai said...

I would like it more if anime made sense x_x at least far more sense then this one did =x

King Ashura said...

"If Nim asks, I'm playing it religiously."
HAHAHA! Cute. ^^

I'm glad I've watched anime that has made sense...so far. There's way too many other things out there that don't make sense, so yes, I agree...I would prefer if anime did make sense, haha. ^^