Firstly, I've finished Itazura na Kiss and I have to say, if you're into romantic comedies, this one is worth watching if you can get ahold of it. The ending is one of the happiest I've seen in a long time (and i've seen a lot of endings!).

On to other business. I've been having problems with ideas lately. I have a lot of ideas right now but not really so many that I can write a whole lot about on each one in a single sitting. Ultimately it'd result in a list of complaints more than statements or something worth writing. My definition of something worth writing tends to be something that I would be willing to write (not something others would read) so it just work for me to go with those ideas on inspection.

Some important stuff to write about would be my diet problems lately, but I don't know enough about it other than I'm not eating as much as I should and I'm getting really bad headaches from it (I think) and sometimes muscle sores. Sometimes its not a choice; we genuinely don't have a lot of food in the house right now. At the same time, I also become forgetful or put off eating until later. I've been snacking on grapes for the past two days and have had minimum problems (no more headaches).

Free the Crabs!!!



King Ashura said...

Yay, Thursday update! :)

I think I do want to try this anime now. Yay for happy endings! ^^

I hope you can figure something out about what you really want to write. Maybe just write it out (for yourself first) and then share it? Regardless of whatever it turns out to be, I know some people WILL love to read it. Personally, I like the way you write.

The headaches are usually from having an empty stomach for long periods at a time. From what I figure, each person has their own dietary system - for some people having 3 square meals works best. For some 6 smaller meals is better. And for some eating a little something every 3 hours is good. I know what you mean by forgetting to eat, or being too busy to eat, though. I tend to do that, too, quite unintentionally. Haha. >_>
Perhaps you could figure out which way works best for you, so that you would not have an empty stomach for hours on end. At least that is when I get headaches, I'm not sure if yours are related to your diet, too or not...

I hope it all works out. ^^


Nim said...

I freed the crabs from Saladin!

Glad the grapes have helped with the headaches and sores. Hope your ideas for what to write aren't troubling you so much week! ^_^