Not into it today

Not really in as good of a mood as I could be today. The colors outside aren't ideal spring colors either (gray, some blue, and lots of black). However, I feel that I should make a post at some point this week so I will go on.

I've been watching Itazura na Kiss (info!!) and I've gained two things from it. The first is: never sneak around in heels. It doesn't quite work well for the character, and I can imagine why (admittedly, there are other reasons why she is so bad at it -_-). She was far more successful when she was wearing converse x_x.

Second is that, over time, love grows on people. When you meet people they start to entangle themselves in your life. After a while you may not want them there anymore but to not have them there will hurt you more then anything they could do when they're there. It's very strange how human bonding works, and how attached we grow to people, even by accident.

There is more to the anime than this, but I think these are the two that grabbed me the most (admittedly, the show doesn't express the most romantic story in the world, even though it is a romance). It's very good so far, and I'm hoping these last five episodes go very well.


Nim said...

Yay! You posted the name of the anime here. I was going to ask about it next time we talked, since I couldn't remember the name.

I think you're quite right about love. People build up a degree of trust and reliance in each other when they're in frequent contact. Maybe it stems from our social nature?

And — this was an interesting post, don't worry about your mood. ^_^

King Ashura said...

That's an interesting view on love. I suppose it does make sense...^^

Itazura na Kiss seems like a cute anime to watch. I'm glad you're enjoying it...

I hope you feel better soon. Bad moods come and go - that's one of the first things I was taught; that feelings don't last forever. It seems that thoughts & habits might be more difficult to change over the long-term...but emotions, they fluctuate a lot over the day. Not much comfort in that, is there? Dunno...

Take care of yourself. You'll feel better soon. ^_^