Firstly, I've finished Itazura na Kiss and I have to say, if you're into romantic comedies, this one is worth watching if you can get ahold of it. The ending is one of the happiest I've seen in a long time (and i've seen a lot of endings!).

On to other business. I've been having problems with ideas lately. I have a lot of ideas right now but not really so many that I can write a whole lot about on each one in a single sitting. Ultimately it'd result in a list of complaints more than statements or something worth writing. My definition of something worth writing tends to be something that I would be willing to write (not something others would read) so it just work for me to go with those ideas on inspection.

Some important stuff to write about would be my diet problems lately, but I don't know enough about it other than I'm not eating as much as I should and I'm getting really bad headaches from it (I think) and sometimes muscle sores. Sometimes its not a choice; we genuinely don't have a lot of food in the house right now. At the same time, I also become forgetful or put off eating until later. I've been snacking on grapes for the past two days and have had minimum problems (no more headaches).

Free the Crabs!!!



Not into it today

Not really in as good of a mood as I could be today. The colors outside aren't ideal spring colors either (gray, some blue, and lots of black). However, I feel that I should make a post at some point this week so I will go on.

I've been watching Itazura na Kiss (info!!) and I've gained two things from it. The first is: never sneak around in heels. It doesn't quite work well for the character, and I can imagine why (admittedly, there are other reasons why she is so bad at it -_-). She was far more successful when she was wearing converse x_x.

Second is that, over time, love grows on people. When you meet people they start to entangle themselves in your life. After a while you may not want them there anymore but to not have them there will hurt you more then anything they could do when they're there. It's very strange how human bonding works, and how attached we grow to people, even by accident.

There is more to the anime than this, but I think these are the two that grabbed me the most (admittedly, the show doesn't express the most romantic story in the world, even though it is a romance). It's very good so far, and I'm hoping these last five episodes go very well.


Title: Or giving you some insight as to what this post is about in several words.

A lot of concepts over the last year Have gone through my mind on where I want this blog to go. As it was, it was just me sharing my thoughts on subjects of little importance. My intention right now is to come up with several concepts that may be good for me and interesting for readers, and as such I think it would be fair to share what I think would be a good idea.

1. A pure poetry blog. I have a very strong passion for writing in general, and some would say poetry is a strong point for me (though, I would disagree). Overall poetry is easy to write and takes little real editing to maintain. The problem with this idea is that there isn't really a lot of poetic inspiration right now for me to start pushing out poems.

2. Another strong passion for me is story writing, and as a concept for a very long story continues to unfold in my head, I think a good way to share it with people would be to post a chapter in the blog. The concept and story has entertained me a great deal in the past years, so I'd imagine (unless I'm so out of touch with people that what entertains me doesn't entertain even some people) other people would like to read it. My problem is that writing a dedicated story blog -does- take lots of personal effort and determination. What would I do if I felt a week's chapter isn't quite up to par with the rest of the week? Or I don't finish a week's chapter on time? These problems worry me, and I have a very strange obsession over perfection in writing so I may ultimately give up if I can't write something as I think it would best be written.

3. I could stick with just writing ideas that pop into my head, but it becomes difficult for me in my method of writing to maintain this kind of blog. I keep ideas pretty close and in the head. I'm not one to write down pre-writing or concepts easily for -anything-. As such my confidence level isn't high enough for this kind of blog.

If you support any of these I would appreciate acknowledgement, or even suggestions would be nice.

On a side note, my sister is flying alone for the first time o_o very scary.

Also, is there a text size problem? x_x