Poetry to cool the heart

I come today bearing gifts! Of mediocre poetry and sadness! Hope you enjoy ^^


I felt like writing
Pen in hand
I felt like flying
laying in the wind
I felt like lying
tongue beneath my feet
I felt like Trekking
The world turning below
But for all these things I am too slow
And with my pen moves the stars above

Against the treasure the captain lie
his sorrows buried in stone
of all his crew but for him to die
a menace abrewed outside

to his south a girl rows east
sailing across the orange sea
from the north comes sanguine treats
glowing above the tide

shadows come and fade away
time halts to his disfavour
when they come and decide to stay
he knows he has gone away


Hope you enjoyed it. Sorry about not posting last Thursday. Sort of had company ^^ didn't feel right typing a blog with people over. Hopefully I'll get the chance next this week ^^


my declaration that K-ON! is the greatest anime ever.

Thats right, greater than the almighty Shugo Chara, conquers CCS, K-ON manages to top my favourite list.

Its sad, in an exciting totally awesome way.

Anyway, after making that short declaration, I can go on ^^.

Had a blast at my moms house last weekend. We did a lot of sitting around watching food network and walking in parks with suspicious amounts of ducks. I think they tried to eat my sister. I wish I had pictures. x_x Another awkward thing I learned: I wake up when my sister and her bf go to sleep O_o.

Short post ends here!

Or here!


Or here!!!


I'm not back but I'm close enough!

Hello everyone ^^ Good to have an opportunity to write again! Internet outages really make you appreciate the connectivity one has with the internet. I'll try to make this a quick post (because its technically thursday now and I think posting a blog at 1 a.m is cool).

A quick story update!
I am working on it still! I want to post more, but I really can't find an opportunity to post anymore (some of it is on paper now, though, not just drafts). Friends, job hunting, apartment hunting, and general RL things prevent me from having an extra hour to type out what I've written x_x I'm sorry to anyone who is looking forward to it. =(

In other news...

The job hunt is sort of on hold right now because I'm phoneless -_- A replacement phone should be on its way, and I usually don't need the thing (nobody calls me, and I don't call people). Still, the house doesn't have a phone line anymore so I can't have it call that, and my sisters phone is busted. July doesn't seem to be my lucky month. August should be better.

In the anime department: I got to show a few friends shugo chara (one of my favourite anime <3).>

Well, take care guys! This will be up at 1 a.m exactly! I'm that good (thank you mr. post date and time boxes).

An edit in case I didn't post it already: going to my mothers this weekend =D yayness.

You know, that one person you know.



my posts are getting a little spaced out lately x_x i don't know when I'm going to release the next chapter of my story. Please be patiant if you're one of the people who enjoy reading it. I just haven't had time to sit down and finish it...

That being said, welcome to the thursday update! Where I'm typing while eating a veggie enchillada (composed entirely of rice, corn and beans). Pretty good, actually, for being that horrid boxed stuff people buy when they're too lazy to cook for themselves. Maybe my standards are dropping, or it is genuinely good, I forget. My food standards have dropped a lot lately though. I think one of those traffic camera's caught me at a fast food place within the last two weeks, so yeah. I still get a horribly sick feeling after eating it afterward though.

Things have gotten sort of better within the past two weeks with the father situation (aside from the fact that he still drinks between the time he gets home and the time he goes to bed). A lot of the main work is done so I can finally relax somewhat.

Hope everyone is taking care.
Something witty/philosophical/odd goes here.


A post!

hello hello hello hello hello! Welcome to my late post from last week. I really haven't had a lot of free time lately and when I do, I simply haven't felt like typing, so sorry x_x

Still not a whole lot to talk about though... I just found out that frozen almonds are better than non-frozen almonds (or are they? hm.... need a normal almond...). Things have been going relatively okay though. Almost normal (aside from the needing to move out soon and house selling). My father is still a drunk, my sister still spends too much time with her friends instead of helping out around the house, and i'm still a quiet lunatic getting yelled at for doing what I'm supposed to -_- Yeah, I missed living with my father.

Oh! New most adorable thing ever =o Bincho-tan. I don't know why, but I simply adoree this anime x_x.

Anyway, take care guys. Next post should be monday or tuesday ^^ I've already started on it actually!




A simple introduction to a complex Fiction and the events following Her. Ch. 4

I'm sorry this is late, I've had a lot going on lately x_x Please don't get angry with my if my updates are late for a while... I'll try getting them out on time..

The hair was strange. A mix between light brown and black fell from her head, down her shoulders, and to the seat of the car. This, mixed with the black attire,  gave her skin a pale, ghostly appearance though she was far more corporal than that.

"Wh--who are you?" Luna whispered curiously at the girl sitting next to her. She wasn't frightened. She even fully expect the answer that followed. 


They both shouted at the same time. Luna pointed at the girl at the same time as the girl raised her arms up excitedly introducing herself.

"Well its not fun if you already know." Trixy pouted sadly, lowering her arms again.

"I know." Luna rested her head on the front of the blue car.

The wind pushed them forward silently. The red and yellow stalks around them changed as they moved forward to bright purple and blue. The sky darkened to black, yet stars and moons were absent.

"What a strange place.." Luna spoke quietly. She turned her head to look backwards. The world they left behind, and any sign of their transportation to their current one, was absent. 

"Lets go look around!" Trixy shouted again. Luna grabbed her by the wrist before she could get more than a foot out of the car. "Wha--what are you doing?" She said confused.

"The car won't stay because you left. You might get lost." Trixy sat back in the car.

"I-- You're right, probably." She admitted defeat. With a yawn she curled up on the seat, resting her head on Luna's lap. "Sleep time anyway."

"Yeah..." Luna trailed off, staring off into the distance of the road. Two bright distant lights blinked in the distance as the last thing Luna saw before closing her eyes to sleep.

Short, yes. But I hope its satisfying enough. All I can get out for now. It may even be THE GREATEST THING I'VE WRITTEN EVER!!!!

Sorry... T_T



Its thursday, which means I get to type things to my lovely audiance of readers. Hello!

Still not a whole lot going on, yet... Sooo much going on its insane x_x Not a whole lot in the anime area. I'm still in the dead center of Naruto and haven't found the time to watch it (or anything else, really). 

Most of what is keeping my occupied is stuff that matters. For instance: mother moving away, father moving in, the house being on sale. I also have a job (though temporary) so its pretty neat yet worrying at the same time. It's not a big job, so its not worth going into (so don't ask). It'll be nice to secure money so that when the time comes I have something to survive on. I don't see being in the care of others for that much longer so I'm still looking for a more permanent job x_x

Not really a whole lot else to say, so take care everyone. ^^

Stay away from manholes.



No story today =(

Won't have time to put out a story this week, sorry. =( Busy day today (but I wanted to post something).



Good evening! Or morning, I guess, for you morning people -_-

Not a whole lot going on this week, so I'll explain why my story was late. Plants vs. Zombies. As many of you know, quite a few people are addicted to it and so am I. -_- I had gotten it sometime in the afternoon and ended up playing it until 9:30 then realized my blog was late coming out. Sorry if it seems rushed. T_T

Anime this week has been non-existent (same as last week) but I'll probably get back onto Naruto by next week (I hope).

And my mother is moving out.

Take care guys.


Beginning Ch. 3

Probably not actually getting out until Thursday. x_x Totally sorry! My mind really isn't in the right place today.
Trixi's front paws stretched across the ceiling. Her claws gripped the carpet to pull her body forward and stretched her hind legs. Upon returning to her normal stance, she jumped onto the table and stared at Luna who sat upside down on the couch.

The living room itself was very open. The only way you would know you entered the kitchen is the change of texture under your feet from warm carpet fabric to cold stone tiling. A couch rested across from the kitchen itself, and between the two was a large glass coffee table. To the wall on the right side of the couch sat two recliners and a table between them. A dusty antique lamp sat in the center of the table, though it hadn't been touched in a long while.

Next to Luna on the couch was her book bag. Though it has been empty of books for quite some time, Luna's book bag still held a few valuables for her. In the main portion of the purple carrier a few pads of paper tightly fit. The side compartments held an assortment of pens and pencils and in the front pouch her ds was secured by a strap. She called this her travel kit, even though it went with her wherever she went and sometimes went unused.

"Grocer---" Luna's mother started as the front door swung open. "Oh, you're already down here. Could you please help with groceries? Only a few bags left." Several bags hung off her mothers arms as she emerged from behind the staircase blocking the view of the door. "Where is your sister?"

Luna rolled off the couch and started walking toward the front door. "Off with friends," she spoke softly, as usual. 

"Oh, ok. Thank you!" Her mother shouted from inside. Luna walked past the blue wooden car and directly to her mothers silver car. 

It was strange how little attention her family had given to the car outside their house. It had been several days since it had arrived and nobody had said anything about it. Even when she brought it up to her mother earlier in the day, "You should stop laying upside down. It must not be very good for you.." is the only response her mother gave. From there Luna simply accepted that the car was nothing but her imagination.

The back door of the car was still open, revealing two bags ready to be carried in. She grabbed them then elbowed the door closed. Her feet stepped over the frame of the door just as her book bag scurried past her.

"He--hey!" Luna shouted and placed the bags inside. "trixi!"

Trixi sat in the second seat of the wooden car. Luna launched herself into the car and caught the bag as Trixi released it from her mouth. She sat in the car for a second and pulled the bag close to her. 

"Don't do that again." Luna huffed breathlessly. Trixi rubbed against her then curled up in the seat.

The car started rolling out of the drive way swiftly. Luna gripped her bag close to her chest defensively as Trixi's purrs could be felt against her leg. The car turned out and sat calmly in the middle of the street as the wind died. Sighing, Luna released her grip on the bag.

The wind launched them forward again. The colours of the neighbourhood blended together as they raced by in a straight line. The blues and greens around them were shapeless blurs, and lost more shape the faster they went.

"Wha.. whats happening!?" Luna shouted. It was rare that she was this scared. What's more frightening was the mocking, "We're going on an adventure," that she could of sworn came from the cat laying next to her peacefully.

The colours around them changed. What was once blue and green was now replaced by reds and yellows. Large mushroom and stalks towered around them as the wind died down. The road was still the same, however. It was a large charcoal line dividing the sea of mushrooms in half.

"Wh--where are we?" Luna asked herself.

"We are.... I don't know!!!" An excited shout came from next to her, not from a cat, but from a girl replacing the cat. Her arms stretch upward into a V.

Probably a little strange, and only gets stranger from here ^^ Sorry its out so late x_x


The Wooden Car Ch. 2

Half asleep writing about cats isn't easy
Outside it's really breezy
the howling winds hisses loudly
4:07  and I'm pretty drowsy

Its a short one, like most stories in this series will be ^^
It wasn't unusual for Luna to rise from bed at three a.m. Awkwardly, she rolled off the edge of her bed and on to her feet. She was never tired when she woke up. As soon as her brain started clicking she was ready for the day to begin. The blue glow from the world beyond her window painted her walls a bright midnight color within the empty darkness around her.

A faint yellow light shone from under the crack of her door. Luna was used to people going to bed when she woke up. The fragility of her schedule made it difficult to remain consistent week by week, but one constant was usually her habit of being up in the beginning hours of the morning. 

Not a sound rang through the air. Something was up, otherwise her mother would be marching off to bed by now. The thought was stopped by a faint meow noise coming from beyong the door. It wasn't one of her cats, but rather a bunch of cats meowing together. Rythymically, footsteps paced down the hallway at the same pace as the meowing. With the glow disappearing so too did the noises.

That is, until Luna rolled from her bed. As if appearing in front of her mother would cause trouble, Luna slowly walked from her room to the stairs. The meowing, though fainter now, began again. It didn't grow louder with her descent down the stairs, but she got the feeling more cats joined the song. 

The tile was cold at the bottom as it usually was at night. Her socks had been forgotten upstairs and replaced with subtle curiousity. Her feet moved to the door and her hands reached for the knob. With a creak, the door swung open along with the one from her mothers room.

"What are you doing?" Luna's mother asked from over the railing.

"Checking on the noise." Luna replied quietly. In response her mothers face twisted before going back into her room and closing the door.

Close to fifty cats stood around a blue vehicle sitting in the drive way. It wasn't a car in the most usual sense, but it certainly shared characteristics with it. The body was painted blue and connected to two axels were wheels. A wide two person seat was carved to the front of the vehicle and covered with padding. There was no cover above the seat, but directly behind it towered a small while sail.

Luna ran toward it, scaring off most of the cats. The car itself contained subtle grooves and detail patterns that could only be seen close up. The fact that it was made of wood as well remained hidden due to the paint. "49," appeared in several places along the vehicle.

A small turtoise patterned cat jumped into the front seat and screeched loudly. She paced around the seat as if waiting for Luna. Luna reached out her hand to pet the cat, and in response it moved teasingly to the second seat.

Luna didn't fall for the bait. Instead she turned around and walk back to the house, calling the cat to follow. "Come on trixi, I'm hungry." With that, the cat jumped down and lead Luna to the door as the rest of the cats dispersed into the dark neighbourhood.

More to come, probably far more interesting than this ^^Taking this one slowly.


I like making excuses, leave me alone.

I know I said the next story in my chronological series of stories would come last monday but things kind of happened in a way that they couldn't.. Between getting caught up with rock band and pearl jam then my internet falling out... Yeah...

But that doesn't mean we can't have a good time this day right?! O_O My first post of my the month after all.

Lots of stuff going on this week. Sleeping, not eating, my usual hijinx and issues.

As many (all) of you know, I've been watching naruto for a week now. Boy, is it... its a trip certainly. Lots of drama, emoness, rage, and general deceitfulness with the audiance just in case they can develop something out of things later. Overall I'm pleasently surprised with it. Having gone through 85 eps in a week it doesn't quite beat my previous speed watching record (51 in 3 days), but pretty close. I almost mentioned this in last weeks post, but completely forgot. ^^

Take care people,
Until next week,
Sinnoni the Wonderfully Awesome


Walking around in daylight and the new story. (cornchips) (deleted cornchips title)

I was just going to write a short post.

I lied to myself (something I do a lot, actually, its a bad habit T_T), I think. I guess we'll find out.

It is thursday. 2:21AM, no daylight to be seen, yet here I sit in a glow
here I am; moping around
There was snow, now there's not; just a hail from below
fields in the gather'd cats

This won't be posted for several more hours so I'm allowed to rant, delete, rant again, delete, leave, come back, rant some more, back space for several hours, re-write, decide to go in a different direction, decide on a new title, go in a new direction keeping the old but unrelated title, come up with a whacky title relating to cornchips (just added cornchips to the title), delete cornchips from the title (just deleted cornchips from the title), place cornchips and deleted cornchips in the title, walk away again, review all the nonesense i've written, decided its good, going away again, fell asleep but still typing(!), woke up, re-reviewed my review of what I've written and decided its not good enough, deleted -everything-, just kidding its still there,  write a new rant, read a book, go to lia's blog to listen to a song, come back and realize I haven't typed anything constructive, and finally given this my stamp of approval. Moving on.

So monday (I think monday) I decided to write down a first chapter of a one chapter story in a series of single chapter shorts.In my world, this means you'll be seeing The Wooden Car ch. 2 next monday. I should amend my blog to reflect this schedule change, but I won't.

Its less of a story than a dream diary with some changes made to hide a lot of my personal life but still give you all the interesting parts. Its really neat when you dream about your own life sometimes, but it never really works out how your dreams seem to want it to go (for instance, when I'm sleepy, i'm not that graceful, but its nice to think I am =D). In some way, I may have done something in this post that I don't like doing (killing the magic), but the story doesn't really hide itself in reality the same way my other did.

Anyway, I honestly don't care if you guys like the story, but I hope it's enjoyable enough that I'm typing at nobody. Until next week: take care ^^

See ya.


The Game. Chapter 1

It's probably strange. How I'm writing so much -_- Yet at the same time, here I am. Desperately clinging to the only thing I have ever had.




Yet Luna slept away covered in emerald blankets. She heard the knocking and the tiny footsteps traveling down the staircase. It was an unusual day for her sister to get the door. While Luna's room was furthest, all the access points gave her the most clear noise indication that something was happening in the house.



The door swung open. Behind Luna, through the window, the sound of two cats meowing to be let in could be heard. "Where's Luna?!" Yelled a male voice from downstairs. "I'll go get her..." Her sister's voice, though lighter, could also be heard from downstairs.



The cats were now scratching at the back door. The man downstairs paced back and fourth almost angrily. Over all this Luna still heard the quiet footsteps of her sister jogging up the stairs, past her room and the closet, and finally resting right in front of her door.

The door swung upon. Luna stood there in her pajamas as her sister looked like she were about to knock. "I'm up," she whispered and marched slowly past her sister. Her home was a two story with plain white interior. With a smile she gracefully moved across the hallway, down the stairs, and into the entrance area. 

"You have my game!" The man yelled as Luna walked past him to the back door. Before she finished sliding it open the cats squeezed through, ran past her, and darted to the food bowl.

"What game?" She asked as she moved back up the stairs.

"Fourty-nine!" He yelled. "You--you don't remember?! You have it?" 

"I don't remember having such a game. If I find it I will let you know." She knew she didn't have the game. She would genuinely look for it, but that a game by that name existed she knew perfectly well it was false. The man didn't appear anywhere in her past either.

"Thank you..." He was disappointed, but he left. The door shut at the same time Luna's did.

Her room was white as well, contrasted by her sister's pink, but the walls were filled by video game posters and chinese culture posters. In the corner away from her door her computer rested on a black corner desk.

She opened up a search engine and typed in the games name. As she suspected. Nothing related to what she wanted popped up. She went to videos and looked around. Nothing. There were no images, webpages, encyclopedia, wiki, videos, or sounds related to the game.

Except a small sound file. Fourty-Nine theme.





Her cat's attempts to enter her room followed the same rhythm as the song. From start to finish. After the song ended her cat's normal attempt patterns returned.

"I must be asleep still." Luna thought. She lifted her blinds slightly to be flashed by the orange glow of the sunset. A crowd of cats gathered in the middle of the road behind her. Fifty of them at least.

After closing her blinds she got up and laid in bed. After pulling the covers over her head she passed into her dreamland.


Free Realms! ...and other stuff, I guess.

Hello! As everyone in CB knows, yesterday the Free Realms NDA was listed, so I can talk about -everything-. Consequently, I intend on it. Just as a warning to people who don't play games and happen to read my blog, this won't interest you at all unless you like colourful artwork. If you want to skip past this, there's a line below to the important part ^^

For those of you who don't know what free realms is, its a sort-of free mmo (sort-of free, as in, you can do a -lot- on a free membership, but to access all the features you need to have a paid account or use the cash shop). Its specifically designed for children, but has a much broader appeal to adults  and teenagers as well. As far as I'm aware there really isn't much story involved.

The vast majority of the game is designed for just hanging around with friends rather than actually doing stuff. At the same time, however, there are a ton of minigames just laying around (the first three you see are combat, fruit/veggie harvesting, and cooking). There are quests which help get you started on, or help leveling up, certain jobs (which you pick up via quests or talking to certain people).

This is the job screen. There are two pages, i'm not posting both. My currently equipped job is from the second screen though (pet trainer).

A better look at the pet trainer outfit without the interface. After this, I switched to the card duelist outfit (not only because I think it looks better, but because I think the pet trainer outfit looks funny where I go from there).

Because it is a beta, you still get the sense that things are under construction. While the core game is actually relatively bugless (there are still some, some very important ones actually), there are a lot of areas that you can't access. Because the game is open world and there are no zone lines (loading screens between areas) they did have a clever way of showing that things were blocked...

Thought it'd be an interesting thing to show for people who've never experienced this sort of thing. They have opened up areas within the time i've been in beta, so they are making progress, and on the atlas there is room for the world to grow in a runescape-like fashion. Its also worth noting that the world size you can use now is the same as the current free area in runescape.

Though it took a while to find a good place to take a screenshot, when you're walking up to briarwood you're treated to a very nice view of  a hedge maze. Briarwood is probably itself one of the cooler places to be (though, hanging around it not so much). 

The area right behind that. Not going to spoil how to looks when you first approach though... That floating stone, by the way, is actually a point where you can warp into the area after you discover it. On the atlas find the warpstone icon, click on it, and you'll teleport to the area.

A nice view, though you can also see the limitations of the view distance. The overall options aren't costumizable at all, so you can't adjust things beyond three option sliders (which I'm hoping change).

A hotspring (that you can't walk into -_-) =D.

Anyway, my overall experience with the game has been great. Its a very strange mix between a theme park and a free open world game. There really aren't any restrictions are where you can go aside content wise. There are barriers keeping you from accessing spots (like the one above) because there simply isn't anything there for us to see.

If you want to see the rest of my current screenshots. Anyway, onto other stuff.

Been overloaded lately -_- sooo many chores in the past few days... At the same time i've been fitting in fun though (which I have a talent for, its called procrastinating). Kinda exhausted lately, though. Sister is sick (so more chores for me, yay). But oh well, how it goes.

I started watching lucky star again. Very fascinating anime. Other than that, I can't remember the last new thing I watched O_O. Sort of got my fill of anime in the past few months to last me a while. Its not very easy to just sit and watch anime over and over as people think it is. Things sort of start to blend together, and while I usually have a good sense of event sequence, I start to lose that after a while...

Its also great to get the story finished. I was worried I might delay it again... I don't think I could of handled that and still have part two out ever. I don't think I'll ever write a single short story into parts again. Much easier to do it all at once so you don't sit there worry ing about what about yourself are you accidently revealing that you'd rather stay hidden, or whether you want to people to know you really think a certain way. After a while I start to have regrets, too, should I of written it that way? In the end, I guess I have to learn to let go of those worries, its hard to write what I really want to with them. 

Posting a story so publically isn't something I do very often. The only person who really ever reads my stories isn't even a reader of my blog ^^ (didn't know I had one, actually). Next time I write one, though, I'm going to find somebody to edit, though, so its a little higher quality than the last story (which does deserve edited, I really love that story).

Well, until next week. Take care ^^



Dream House. Part Two.

Posting this today with another post on the way tomarrow. Glad to get it out. Now: the conclusion.

The house seemed completely Foreign. The stone path flowed straight from the gate to the house as if directing the girl to walk up to it. The yard itself fit the autumn weather surrounding the neighbourhood. She was sure it was the right house. It was the only house in the area featuring a stream of water cutting across the front.

It was now the weekend. At the same time, however, it felt like any normal day for her. Time blurred for her between the time she left this house and this very moment. School work, family, sleep, and class all faded from her mind. 'This is it,' she thought. 'Why was I here again?'

It was either the pathway that encouraged thoughts like this or Rada's uncertainty bloomed the closer she came to something strange to her. Before she knew it, however, the door swung open into the familiar rainbow hall. The door closed behind her as the Caretaker entered the entry hall in the same gown as before.

"You were able to come back, Rada." She spoke quietly. Almost sleepily, she wandered toward the girl standing by the door.

"It was harder to find. The yard changed." Rada said.

"Yes, it... does that." The caretaker spoke carefully.

"What's wrong?" Rada asked.

"We should go sit somewhere." The Caretaker whispered. She turned quickly, but with the grace of a host, lead Rada down the left passage.

Rada slouched as she followed the Caretaker's gliding steps into a large dining hall. Oil lanterns hung from the ceiling, filling the room with a dim orange glow. Unlike the other rooms Rada has seen, the people on the walls were very different from eachother. The line-up of young to old still matched, but prominence was placed on several people in their thirties. A long table stretched from where they entered to what appeared to be the doors to the kitchen.

"A lot of chefs have visited this place. It is remarkable how inspired this place can be for so many people. Yet at the same time, you aren't affected by any of it are you?" The Caretaker asked cautiously.

"It's interesting, I suppose..." Rada started, "But... No, not really." She sat down at the end of the table.

The Caretaker sat down as well. "My time here is almost up." She rested her head on the table, staring down toward the kitchen. "I should be happy, but... I suppose its like death. What will happen to me beyond that door? What will happen here when I'm gone?"

"Why are you telling me this?" Rada asked. Her facial expression was slightly horrified.

The Caretaker rose and sat up in her chair. "I need a successor and I think you're it."

"But..." Rada paused.

"There isn't really a whole lot of choice. I have to leave, today. And somebody has to stay. Regardless of how either of us feels, this is how it has to happen." The Caretaker waved her hand. A cup of tea appeared before her.

"But... You regard this place as a prison..." Is all she could say as she watched The Caretaker reach out for the tea.

"In some ways. You're trapped here. In others, this is a sanctuary. Nothing outside can harm you." The Caretaker smiled.

Rada stood. As she turned to leave the Caretaker said one thing. "The door won't open until I'm ready to leave today. So please sit and hear me out."

"If nobody is here, what will become of it?" The Caretaker asked.

"I don't know." Rada said. "I don't care."

The Caretaker finished her tea and stood up. "Then we'll leave."

She walked with Rada to the door. The Caretaker was afraid and Rada knew it. But at the same time, she was relieved. 'It wasn't torture living here,' she thought. Yet deep in her mind her burden was freeing itself.

The door swung open for them. "Are you ready?" Asked Rada. The Caretaker nodded. The rainbow colors passed them by as they stepped through the door.
Rada stood alone in an empty lot. It wasn't like waking up. She knew somebody stood next to her a second ago. The stream, the trees, the house, and the person she was with no longer existed. With a smile, Rada jumped on her bike and pedaled home.


Sudden endings for the win! Sorry if it disappoints x_x New post tomarrow, have fun until then!


I'm sorry, but the story is in another castle.

This is probably a disappointment, but I promise the rest of the story will be out next week. My preoccupation with several other things has kept me from finishing it. This being said, I do fully intend on finishing it next week. If I die within this week, I'll leave a note to a loved one to finish that story (though, it would then be pretty bad. My family isn't exactly good at understanding where i'm going with stuff).

...That story -will- be finished...


Anyway...  Not a whole lot of important going on this week. Been keeping busy with cleaning and pokemon. We're getting ready to open our pool. This really means for one night I have to lay awake trying to sleep through the buzzing of a pump draining the top of our pool cover. Pretty exciting stuff, though.

Hope everyone has a great upcoming weekend! There will be enough stuff next week to compensate for this short post, don't worry.


Dream House pt. 1

I said I had a surprise for everyone this week and well.... here it is! Its magical, its short, and its probably not what anyone was expecting (or were, because I'm very bad at hiding things.

The Dream House is a very personal story to me that I tell myself very often before going to sleep. For the most part all of my stories come from me laying in a dark room staring at my ceiling and this is one of my favourites. This is the first time it has ever made it into words, though, and I'm very happy with sharing it with you guys.

Hope you enjoy it! And please comment and critique. Even if you think its absolutely terrible, I want to know as it will effect what I write in the coming weeks as well.

Her pace was slow. Though Rada knew her way home it was easy to mistake her for straying away from her main path. It's a typical neighbourhood, though barren, in a typical autumn with the expected oranges, yellows and browns littering the yards lining the street as if nobody existed to tend to the fallen leaves. The sky remained a grim gray hinting at, but never touching upon, the idea of a coming rainstorm.

This was the detour she always took. There was never anything new here, though she hoped each time that her routine would share something with her. In truth, it was familiarity that kept from her staying on the direct course home. That the path she was on was the same displeased her. With a sigh she rested her head on the front of her bike and pedalled onward.

But than it rose before her as she pushed up a small hill. She could of sworn for the past few weeks that lot had been empty every time she passed it. Now standing before her was a cool assortment of greens and blues. Trees, grass, and a small stream of water immediately stood out to her before her eyes reached the rich white house errected behind the yard. 

The closer she got to the house a compulsion crept through her thoughts. It certainly wasn't every day that one would see this sort of thing (and just yesterday Rada could of sworn she had pointed out to herself just how empty this lot feels). Her mind faught back though. What reason would she have to just walk up and start looking through somebody's yard? It was best left ignored. Whoever owned this home clearly knew how to take care of it even through cold seasons.

Yet there she stood in front of the door. "Well, I'm here..." she whispered to herself. It took several minutes for her to work up the courage to raise her hand to knock. As her fist swung forward, however, the door swung open.

"Hello..?" Rada said quietly. It didn't look like anyone opened the door. "There's nobody there is there?" Is the only thing she could think to say. 'This is getting too weird..' she thought just before a strong wind started shoving her forward. Her body never really fought the wind; rather, she weakly fell through the doorway as if she flung herself in.

The door shut behind her. The house was warm. Candles lined the walls  and sat on tables through the entry hall. The tinted domes they rested in gave the hall the illusion of rainbows painted across the wall leading to two doors and a staircase at the end of the hall. Even more remarkable were the portraits set in several places. Along the walls, on tables, and one large portrait on the ceiling gazing down upon visitors.

"Edward Valsteir. He came her in his youth." A serene, feminine voice came from behind her. "He was very talented at making candles. He went on to found the Valsteir Candle Company and made the finest candles in the world from the moment he left here to the moment he died."

Rada turned quickly, startled by the woman. She was pacified, however, upon looking at the calm expression on the woman's face. It was calm with the slight hint of joy. The light, clean white of her dress with her black hair not only gave her a ghostly appearance but firmly corporeal.

"Oh! I'm sorry for intruding. My name is--"

"Rada Ilstai. And welcome." The woman cut off rada quickly. "I am the Caretaker. Please enjoy yourself here, but try not to mess with anything."

"Um... so... Why are there so many pictures of this guy?" Rada asked. She was still in shock.

"He came here some time ago. I don't remember how long ago, but he was one of the first visitors I had taken. He was twelve when he discovered in class his talent for candlemaking." The Caretaker pointed at a picture of a sorrowful boy. "He wasn't too happy. And neither were his parents. They were expecting him to take the family business.

"It took a lot for him to realize that his talents wern't going to aid his fathers business. When he told his parents that he no longer intended on taking the family business, though, they understood a lot more than he expected. From what he discovered he turned it into a hobby. From there, after graduating from school he went on to selling his candles." The caretaker's gaze swept across all the photo's of Edward than finally rested on Rada.

"But... why am I here?" She asked. "And what is this place?"

"Let us go to the living room and we'll discuss things." The Caretaker turned and motioned for Rada to follow down the right passage.

It wasn't a large room. The vast majority of the space taken up by a round table covered in a red and what appeared to be pink cloth. Two cups of tea sat on opposite ends of the table and in the center sat a very average kettle. Along the walls various paintings hung. Like the last room, it all seemed to be of the same person, but the range of art styles went from crayon art to abstract factial features and to a sketch comprised of meaningless lines.

They both sat. "Um... do you have any sugar?" Rada asked.

"It is already prepared as you like it." The Caretaker spoke very directly.

"Um..." Rada started, then sipped her tea. "How..?"

The Caretaker smiled. "I don't know." Was her only answer before looking around the room. "In truth, you're not supposed to be here. There is no reason for you to be here, anyway. Yet at the same time.. If you found this place, it means you're here for a reason."

"This place looked interesting." Rada looked at the curtained window. She could not see beyond the curtain, and partially she was afraid to look outside.

"Everyone before you got here for reasons far greater than that. But maybe... Will you come back tomarrow? If you can still find it, that is?"  The Caretaker offered.

"Hm... Ok." Rada smiled as she stood and finished her tea. "I should be getting home anyway. Parents are probably worried.."

"Yes. Though it seems like it, time does not stop here." The Caretaker stood. "Please see yourself out. And take care."

And with that Rada left the Caretaker alone.

'Its strange...' The Caretaker thought. 'That a visitor could be so enlightening to me, yet I haven't taught her a thing...'


Will hopefully finish it next week. Hope everyone enjoyed it. It's still very rough.



I'll start by saying that next week I -may- have something special for you all. If you're disappointed this week I hope it'll be better next week (if its not, then oh well). Not garunteeing that I have something, but I may.

In other news, our house is on sale. Though my mother isn't happy about it, we've been doing an okay job at keeping it up for buyers. Its kind of exiting, too. We don't really know where we're going once the house sells. I'm sure something will work out.

I'm back to playing rock band, but I'm really out of practice on drums again x_x Not playing as much as I used to, though. Still, very fun game to play with other people.

Oh! Important! The anime I spoke about last week: the weird one? Its not as weird as it was ^^ I've gotten a few episodes into it and decided: its just a greek mythology in middle school form with magical girl transformations, a cute cat, and weird childhood romances. Not as bad as I made it out to be, but it can be really depressing. Still glad I sat down and watched more of it, though. It still hasn't explained the beginning of the first episode though, which really irritates me.

Anyway, take care everyone and have a safe friday and weekend ^^



Pre-post edit: Meh, posting a few hours early. Its time somewhere.

Writing this blog before Thursday. Win for me!

Not going to post it until Thursday, however. So no early blog for you.

To start, it has been quite the week. After not only getting rid of my blog for a full minute, but restoring it to its full capacity, however, the excitement kind of dies... Dull reality sets in and takes back its place as being the tone of the day.

I sort-of started a new anime (not going to name it this time) in that I've watched one episode, decided the cat was adorable (and thought the entire show would of been better had the cat been alive), then decided I have no idea what is going on. It was quite confusing and a good reason why starting a series with a scene from close to the end does not work the same way it would in movies. Unless the scene is played again quickly, people won't really ever knows what it means. Where as in movies it could be used to highlight the dilimna that the character(s) are facing somewhat effectively. After that first episode, however, the only knew thing I understood about the character was that she was depressed, then she was God. The dilimna in the opening scene is vastly different than the one in the rest of the episode.

Some people like this kind of thing, I guess. Without any explaination I just can't see the appeal.

Decided to take another break from rock band ^^ (if nim asks, I'm playing it religiously). After playing the endless setlist to completion, I think it is best. To rest my wrists particularly. I don't want to pull something that doesn't want pulled. The setlist did a bigger number on me than I thought. Kind of exhausted now x_x

You will all see this post tomarrow! Even though it was written today.


The Blog Post of Amazing Averageness

I don't have anything to write to maintain my weekly duties, so here I am making an excuse as to why I have no time to write a blog post this week (consequently fulfilling my duty and completing my weekly task and contradicting everything I had said).

Well until next week, take care. It was wonderful while it lasted.



Note: this probably seems a little forced, but I felt that I had to write something. If it seems bad, it probably is because of this.

Night sky darken before me
Shadow this lost heart
Play the music solemn peace
Force away this violent battle
Chase away the formless shadows

Gone beyond this orange sea
Weathered the storms impossibly
the land beyond; the one I need
The shore before; the one I see
is it that much different than whats behind me?

Quiet beyond this lonely place
Night sky come to me
Is this where I'm supposed to be?
Where my dreams come true?
Night sky, where are you?

Moving forward
into the sea
No looking backward;
waves pushing ahead
deeper into the orange sea


It's not very long, but this is the longest time I've ever spent on a poem coming in at about two hours. Most poetry I write takes around three to ten minutes to write. Like I said, it won't be the prettiest poem I've ever written. It's also one of the few poems I've ever felt like I needed to write.



Hello folks, its Thursday ^_^

Starting right off: I've been having a little... obsession problem lately. Having come to the realization that I woke up at 1 p.m and played rock band 2 for more than the recommended playtime yesterday (who knows how long, i know more than 12 hours..), it seems strange that I'd play something this much all at once. I haven't actually put off any work to play it, so I don't feel bad about it. My diet is doing okay (grapes are great snack food) and haven't been starving myself.

I don't think its even that I play it too much, but I also think about it a lot. So I've decided to take a short break before the depression settles in about wasting time. Obsessions usually do not end well for me (even though I fall victim to it very easily, being an obsessive person). Not that I find being obsessive is bad, but the consequences can be devastating (like blog entries about obsession).

Anyway, not really a whole lot in my week to say anything else on. My sister would be a far more interesting person to read about. (But she also refuses to write because its boring to her) Her week has been incredibly interesting and I only know this because i've been downstairs for most of the week and actually spoke with her. Its always nice to acknowledge your siblings every once in a while. They're like friends you're forced to live with for an extended period of time.

Free the crabs!




Firstly, I've finished Itazura na Kiss and I have to say, if you're into romantic comedies, this one is worth watching if you can get ahold of it. The ending is one of the happiest I've seen in a long time (and i've seen a lot of endings!).

On to other business. I've been having problems with ideas lately. I have a lot of ideas right now but not really so many that I can write a whole lot about on each one in a single sitting. Ultimately it'd result in a list of complaints more than statements or something worth writing. My definition of something worth writing tends to be something that I would be willing to write (not something others would read) so it just work for me to go with those ideas on inspection.

Some important stuff to write about would be my diet problems lately, but I don't know enough about it other than I'm not eating as much as I should and I'm getting really bad headaches from it (I think) and sometimes muscle sores. Sometimes its not a choice; we genuinely don't have a lot of food in the house right now. At the same time, I also become forgetful or put off eating until later. I've been snacking on grapes for the past two days and have had minimum problems (no more headaches).

Free the Crabs!!!



Not into it today

Not really in as good of a mood as I could be today. The colors outside aren't ideal spring colors either (gray, some blue, and lots of black). However, I feel that I should make a post at some point this week so I will go on.

I've been watching Itazura na Kiss (info!!) and I've gained two things from it. The first is: never sneak around in heels. It doesn't quite work well for the character, and I can imagine why (admittedly, there are other reasons why she is so bad at it -_-). She was far more successful when she was wearing converse x_x.

Second is that, over time, love grows on people. When you meet people they start to entangle themselves in your life. After a while you may not want them there anymore but to not have them there will hurt you more then anything they could do when they're there. It's very strange how human bonding works, and how attached we grow to people, even by accident.

There is more to the anime than this, but I think these are the two that grabbed me the most (admittedly, the show doesn't express the most romantic story in the world, even though it is a romance). It's very good so far, and I'm hoping these last five episodes go very well.


Title: Or giving you some insight as to what this post is about in several words.

A lot of concepts over the last year Have gone through my mind on where I want this blog to go. As it was, it was just me sharing my thoughts on subjects of little importance. My intention right now is to come up with several concepts that may be good for me and interesting for readers, and as such I think it would be fair to share what I think would be a good idea.

1. A pure poetry blog. I have a very strong passion for writing in general, and some would say poetry is a strong point for me (though, I would disagree). Overall poetry is easy to write and takes little real editing to maintain. The problem with this idea is that there isn't really a lot of poetic inspiration right now for me to start pushing out poems.

2. Another strong passion for me is story writing, and as a concept for a very long story continues to unfold in my head, I think a good way to share it with people would be to post a chapter in the blog. The concept and story has entertained me a great deal in the past years, so I'd imagine (unless I'm so out of touch with people that what entertains me doesn't entertain even some people) other people would like to read it. My problem is that writing a dedicated story blog -does- take lots of personal effort and determination. What would I do if I felt a week's chapter isn't quite up to par with the rest of the week? Or I don't finish a week's chapter on time? These problems worry me, and I have a very strange obsession over perfection in writing so I may ultimately give up if I can't write something as I think it would best be written.

3. I could stick with just writing ideas that pop into my head, but it becomes difficult for me in my method of writing to maintain this kind of blog. I keep ideas pretty close and in the head. I'm not one to write down pre-writing or concepts easily for -anything-. As such my confidence level isn't high enough for this kind of blog.

If you support any of these I would appreciate acknowledgement, or even suggestions would be nice.

On a side note, my sister is flying alone for the first time o_o very scary.

Also, is there a text size problem? x_x