To correct some wrongs

Er.. accidently posted early, currently editing in text..

My original accusations to SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) was as a mmo ruiner; however, as things go along I realize that SOE indeed is more of a game fixer. Vanguard: Saga of Heroes is a game conceived and consequently ruined by Brad Mcquad. The concept and direction of the game, while I wasn't a fan of the game even at the beginning, was ambitious and his indecisiveness with funds led the game down a bad path. The visuals of the game were outstanding-- the gameplay and world not so much.

The games launch could be considered one of the worst going as low as Turbine's/Microsoft's AC2 and Ncsoft/netdevil's auto assault, both games which as of the day this is posted do not exist in the gaming world anymore (quickly, R.I.P Auto Assault. As of august 31st you have wrongly been scrapped-- more on that later).

Originally, SOE's role for vanguard was simply to manage accounts and billing. The horrendous launch caused SOE to consume the smaller, not-so-well-known Sigil Games who had developed Vanguard. SOE, while employing 50 members of the old Sigil team, is attempting to improve the game much in the same way they improved EQ2: without changing the general gameplay, but through small improvements that make a big impact on the game.

To note that Brad had previously developed Everquest for SOE and while the game was a niche game in the whole of the gaming community (such as the previously created UO) it was a more-then-decent game.

Auto Assault: I didn't play it all too much. I did beta test it. It was a decent game. Tabula Rasa: a not-so-decent game. I didn't like it all too much when I did beta test it and refused to do anymore. What does it have to do with Auto Assault? Auto Assault was a profitable game, it had a decent sized community, but it was still scrapped to make room for the generic sci fi-shooter mmog. The problem with this is NCsoft is gambling away a game with a system that at least works decently for a game that doesn't only fail in being any sort of exciting, but has even less appeal.

Auto Assault could have stood to exist. And for that I wish it did though I do not play it.

O.K I am done rambling on about gaming. Carry on.