Something new...

Well, needless to say, I'm back. Or.. I think I'm back. In any case, I've been writing a lot to myself more then to others, so that would explain my silence, as well as my tendency to go into a clinically depressed state (that is, being depressed for more then a few weeks, which happens quite frequently to me... My last bout with it lasting over a month). So sorry to anyone who reads, but my brain disorders sometimes are too painful to fight through and I don't want it to affect the message of my writings.

That being said, I do know that some of my work (especially poetry) can be seen as depressed to the point that it isn't poetry anymore but simple nonsense and crying from the depths of what can be percieved as a heart, but really, of the mind. It also pains me on a more intellectual level in that it is lucky of me to have time to be depressed in a world in which people die all the time-- sometimes without warning, without aging, without time to know. In the end, however, I do forget these messages that even I when in a sane state can conceive because I do fall into a depressed state and that is enough to warrant silence in periods.

I came here to compose a story however I find myself more interested in explaining my forgetfulness of my blog. I also came here to explain to some people my silence when attempting to talk to me. Occasionally, people will speak to me and I'll stop speaking back. This isn't on part of depression entirely, but I run out of things to say. I also bite my tongue a lot to keep myself from saying certain things often of late and can't think of anything to reply with.

Anyway, hope that satisfies people who care, seeya