An update

Well, been a while.. (long while..) so I thought I'd say something (which, in this case, is better than saying nothing). So, without further delay... Okay, maybe more delay...

Anyway, stupid jokes aside, I started a rather stereotypical western. I actually rather enjoy it seeing as I have no other choice while it occupies my mind while I'm sleep deprived. Its only a short story, while I'm guessing means 5-15 pages long on paper, about 2.5-7.5 pages typed, and not very long on blogger where it may end up at some point. Not that I think the average reader (myself) is a fan of westerns, I just feel the need to share my creation with the world of people who may or may not care about it (again, myself). Its written from a first person view of some random guy who only exists as a storyteller, but may have some back story (stay tooned!!!). He/she (whichever, you pretend which, it doesn't particularly matter) has become "indebted," to a, "mysterious," "thing," that carries around dead bodies on pack horses and travels from town to town, "collecting," more corpses. Whats Its purpose? Does it have one? Do I actually have a direction with this story? Find out!... one day.

The old story I was talking about is still being written, still progressing well. I've decided (simply out of a vague decision to) to make it a sci-fi novel. I never really up to any point hinted toward any higher technology, but stating this when I intend on releasing any bit of it will allow readers to know that more technology exists beyond what is there (and in later additions/changes, I may hint at technology differently). Also, since it does hint (I'm going to be careful stating that it actually is there) at some mystical presence (physical, metaphysical, or spiritual) moving events along, it could also be assumed as a fantasy. That is up for interpretation.

Now that the self promoting commercials are over, now to the juicy stuff!!!

There isn't any. Sorry I'm dull. It is easier to write about what I'm writing about, though, so I do so. I don't have any complaints about my life up to this time, no secret loves, no hobbies being progressed, no spiritual journey, no meaning of life discovered. Life is just average (a little more so since I did start playing EQ1 again with firri... who probably doesn't read this).

I suppose now, I should compose some form of poetry to add some entertainment to this blog. Seeing as I get bored of my own ramblings, I don't doubt the same from others. I realize I'm not interesting enough for anyone to voluntarily read, so here's a treat!

The words upon this empty page
which meaning do you grant them?
their purpose lost in the moments gait
for what reason are you running?

stop and see allusion
see purposes unknown
tread lightly in such soft places
or no where you may be

whose eyes are those upon me?
will i ever know?
alas lost in this dark places
the one Plato knows

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