My headache says hello

DST will be (is the) death of me.

Somehow, Daylight savings time translates to (in my brain at least): "omg, the earth is about to blow up."

And thus, the painful process of going through all the things i wished to do tries to go through my mind at the same time, which then translates to: "*buzzing noise.*"

And in essense, i dont think I really thought anything today. That buzz got (still is) annoying, though.

Anyway, just a small complain. Sleepiness for me ^_^

night mysterious reader persons who may (may not) exist.


the sky

I saw the sky today.

It was wonderful, because i hardly ever get a chance to look up at the sky.

Rather then the usual gray, cloudy dress traditional of this time of the year, it went natural and nude; proudly displaying it's azure beauty.

It shed no tears, and I shed no tears, and we sat in happiness. As I studied for my mid term exams, and contemplated my world, it stared down at me like some form of a guardian. And oddly, it gave me security. Something, of late, I need more then ever.

Two days ago, without reason or necessity, I broke down in twitching and tears.

As if something inside me died. It's screams forced my body to tremble and collapse.

And because it was within me, it was me, and I felt pain.

And as the sky now fades darker, I think today I'll be fine.

But as I walk through the gates of hell, I'll meet the morning star. And such a meeting can have no pleasantry.