Story: Theme; characters

This is my first post on my story. Not a post revealing anything about my story, but about it's theme and characters, and my intentions. Consider these posts as notes regarding it that I have no problem revealing.

Note that this is never directly stated except for in my notes. This does not reveal the plot, or personality of the characters as a whole. This is just a starting point.


Skuld: A girl accepting of the world around her, despite the curiousities and peculiarities that surround her, and include herself. She takes no consideration into the differences in her environment besides those that generally don't matter at all, or are too general or big to be left unnotice. She sees the world as a physical realm, with no real depth. All life is the product of what is around it. Close minded to other ideas, but doesn't lash out at different ideas. Empty of real emotions.

Natalie: A girl who cannot help but look for the things around her that are different, little or big. Those things that change in a world that tries to ignore change. Does not take the world for only its phyiscal distinctions, but mental, emotional and spiritual representations. Open to challanging ideas, wherever she can find them. Always wears a small smile.

The two characters are friends, their relationship I will keep quiet. But this is a simple definition of their persons. Natalie being the hero, Skuld an anti-hero. However, the primary mode of writing is from both perspectives.

Theme: The primary themes, both of which I talk about extensively in private notes, are Heroism and good vs. evil, as well as the importance of open observance of what goes on around you. Heroism, being defined as, as those who influence me have stated, is man(mankind) as it should be. Natalie, the hero, fully represents my idea of what the perfect person is. Skuld, being the anti version of that, yet not neccesarily evil.

The importance of observation of things and how they change, and how we change with them. Why change is good, or whether it is good or not. Why do things change? Why does this exist this way, what purpose it have, or I have? How does this, influence that, or I influence that? Some of the questions asked.

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King Ashura said...

Sounds interesting--capturing themes from the philosophy texts I've read, or so I thought when I read your ideas.
You should definitely focus on the ideas of change and its influence.

And heroism, well, it's really out there: there are so many perspectives, stories and journeys of a true hero (the perfect person, as you suggest).

Good luck writing this story! Looking forward to reading the finished copy (plus more of your 'general' notes :D )