Of suffering and renewed opinions

With another week gone, the starting of school over, and all public relations scrambled, facing the suffering of how much crap I carry around with how much I end up walking through a day with that crap cannot possibly be described to you with simple descriptions. It would require long, drawn out descriptions fit for the like of Tolkein, and other such writers notorious for their keen word artistry. So thus, i shall not, for I lack the skill of my masters, and am but a mere learner.

And so, I move on with spirits in regards to the impression one gains from me. Those who do not know that I write, read, or otherwise have some awareness of the world around me, find themselves in shock over the sheer number of pages I read (myself failing to notify them that pages never translates into difficulty, only the amount of time one could possibly spend reading that particular book.). With further spying, one had found a few of my writings for a story that I have gained fondness of in my scribings and wrestling with words over. My emo/rocker/goth appearence thus fails to deceive and leaves me with nothing but intellectualism, or geekism. While I would continuely insist I am but a humble artist, not one so much as a geek, a practicer of geekism.

And so thus, once again, I have been shunned by my classmates, forced back into the deepest pit of hell they could think of. This area is called, "The middle," where my answers on tests are easily accessable for those with lesser intellect, or mediocre mental processing abilities. I countered this with a minor proposition with the teacher, regarding that I be allowed my own space, for I do not wish to deprive those around me of their own education.

Being one to pretend not to care what other people think, I spend my time alone. Speaking cautiousless, and working at a faster pace then those who decide to work in groups. Thus my new position being, "loner," or a practitioner of the ancient art of being alone.

And so my journey through the deep, dark place known as, "school," has begun. Will I survive my fourth and final year? What other transformations await me? Hopefully, yes and none.

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King Ashura said...

Wow, serious stuff. A loner? Hmm, I could share a few things with you, and end up relating. But it's best not to dwell on these thoughts, at least personally, that's how I seem to feel about them.
They're not healthy, makes you feel sorry for yourself, one thing I've learned not to do anymore. It's pointless and doesn't get you anywhere you want to be--that is, IF you know where you want to be..Hmm...
Ah, I'm blabbing. It's late, and I have to get up at 4.
Nice place by the way. This beta thing is pretty neat! :D