I hate my computer! It has been rather uncooperative lately, resulting in mass frustration and spending more time fixing it then actually using it. Even at this moment I'm wrestling with dead programs, or a cpu usage of 100%. Struggling with broken parts, and fans that stop automatically.

Please contribute to the Buy Demoinai Another Computer (BDAC) fund *brings in sad looking poor kid with puppy dog eyes* for the children..

Oh yea.. started on my story again. Hopefully i won't have to redo my computer any time soon, but just in case, i placed a backup on my mp3 player/thumb drive. So if you want to steal something that, at this point, isn't close to finished, steal my mp3 player ^^

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Lia said...

Wow, there is something seriously wrong with that computer! How old is it anyway? I mean, fans stop working suddenly?
That's creepy...O.o

Hope you can get a new one! That'd be a treat! I'm actually hoping to get a new one too, but according to the 'plan' my computer needs to bust one more time for that to happen.
And since it's working 'super' so far...that isn't going to be happening any time soon.
[If that isn't called 'being ungrateful' then what is? Here you are, badly in need of a new one, and me here trying desperately to have mine in the state yours is in...]