Now for something.. romantic? Probably not..

Its rare for me to write something that isn't dark or depressing (in fact, I've never written anything outside of those two feelings poetically), and even though I shouldn't be sharing this work, it still falls into the category. I somewhat pride myself on having the image of a cynic (although I don't really want to be a cynic) so why is this showing up in my poetry? A new theme and message than my usual.

I'm going to blame my new-found obsession with jazz. Nothing good can come of jazz. Although its probably deeper than that. Obsession is an issue I've been dealing with for a long time, being able to get sucked into a subject very easily, my life starts to revolve around it.


Give me your soul and I'll give you mine
We can take this a few steps at a time
I'll give it my everything
If you'll give me yours
Yet you wander out of view, trying to hide

Its never the right time, this we both know
You won't even look at me, but my sadness won't show
We spoke only once, and you fell into my heart
Yet I have failed to fall into yours

Its okay because I'm not really sad
You have someone else, and yet I'm not mad
Even from afar I can't look away
Your face, with hers, smiling brightens my day
Even though. in my heart, I wish it were me instead

I see you in the morning each day
And even into night
We cannot speak a single word
Yet you've spoken so many to me

When you gave her the ring, what did she say?
Did she say all the things that I've wanted to?
Did you enter that car together, or did one of you stay?
The ring was no longer in your possession, was it?
Yet my inner smile, somehow, faded away.

There was no invitation, probably for the best
These feelings needed to be laid to rest
Congratulations are in order, but not from me
We only spoke once
My heart still no longer free

It probably sounds somewhat creepy (for good reason, obsession is creepy). I've come to some terms with this a while ago, but I can't really say I know why this kind of thing showed up in my poetry. Or maybe its always been there but less obviously.

Take care--
Stop eating that!


Poetry to cool the heart

I come today bearing gifts! Of mediocre poetry and sadness! Hope you enjoy ^^


I felt like writing
Pen in hand
I felt like flying
laying in the wind
I felt like lying
tongue beneath my feet
I felt like Trekking
The world turning below
But for all these things I am too slow
And with my pen moves the stars above

Against the treasure the captain lie
his sorrows buried in stone
of all his crew but for him to die
a menace abrewed outside

to his south a girl rows east
sailing across the orange sea
from the north comes sanguine treats
glowing above the tide

shadows come and fade away
time halts to his disfavour
when they come and decide to stay
he knows he has gone away


Hope you enjoyed it. Sorry about not posting last Thursday. Sort of had company ^^ didn't feel right typing a blog with people over. Hopefully I'll get the chance next this week ^^


my declaration that K-ON! is the greatest anime ever.

Thats right, greater than the almighty Shugo Chara, conquers CCS, K-ON manages to top my favourite list.

Its sad, in an exciting totally awesome way.

Anyway, after making that short declaration, I can go on ^^.

Had a blast at my moms house last weekend. We did a lot of sitting around watching food network and walking in parks with suspicious amounts of ducks. I think they tried to eat my sister. I wish I had pictures. x_x Another awkward thing I learned: I wake up when my sister and her bf go to sleep O_o.

Short post ends here!

Or here!


Or here!!!


I'm not back but I'm close enough!

Hello everyone ^^ Good to have an opportunity to write again! Internet outages really make you appreciate the connectivity one has with the internet. I'll try to make this a quick post (because its technically thursday now and I think posting a blog at 1 a.m is cool).

A quick story update!
I am working on it still! I want to post more, but I really can't find an opportunity to post anymore (some of it is on paper now, though, not just drafts). Friends, job hunting, apartment hunting, and general RL things prevent me from having an extra hour to type out what I've written x_x I'm sorry to anyone who is looking forward to it. =(

In other news...

The job hunt is sort of on hold right now because I'm phoneless -_- A replacement phone should be on its way, and I usually don't need the thing (nobody calls me, and I don't call people). Still, the house doesn't have a phone line anymore so I can't have it call that, and my sisters phone is busted. July doesn't seem to be my lucky month. August should be better.

In the anime department: I got to show a few friends shugo chara (one of my favourite anime <3).>

Well, take care guys! This will be up at 1 a.m exactly! I'm that good (thank you mr. post date and time boxes).

An edit in case I didn't post it already: going to my mothers this weekend =D yayness.

You know, that one person you know.



my posts are getting a little spaced out lately x_x i don't know when I'm going to release the next chapter of my story. Please be patiant if you're one of the people who enjoy reading it. I just haven't had time to sit down and finish it...

That being said, welcome to the thursday update! Where I'm typing while eating a veggie enchillada (composed entirely of rice, corn and beans). Pretty good, actually, for being that horrid boxed stuff people buy when they're too lazy to cook for themselves. Maybe my standards are dropping, or it is genuinely good, I forget. My food standards have dropped a lot lately though. I think one of those traffic camera's caught me at a fast food place within the last two weeks, so yeah. I still get a horribly sick feeling after eating it afterward though.

Things have gotten sort of better within the past two weeks with the father situation (aside from the fact that he still drinks between the time he gets home and the time he goes to bed). A lot of the main work is done so I can finally relax somewhat.

Hope everyone is taking care.
Something witty/philosophical/odd goes here.


A post!

hello hello hello hello hello! Welcome to my late post from last week. I really haven't had a lot of free time lately and when I do, I simply haven't felt like typing, so sorry x_x

Still not a whole lot to talk about though... I just found out that frozen almonds are better than non-frozen almonds (or are they? hm.... need a normal almond...). Things have been going relatively okay though. Almost normal (aside from the needing to move out soon and house selling). My father is still a drunk, my sister still spends too much time with her friends instead of helping out around the house, and i'm still a quiet lunatic getting yelled at for doing what I'm supposed to -_- Yeah, I missed living with my father.

Oh! New most adorable thing ever =o Bincho-tan. I don't know why, but I simply adoree this anime x_x.

Anyway, take care guys. Next post should be monday or tuesday ^^ I've already started on it actually!




A simple introduction to a complex Fiction and the events following Her. Ch. 4

I'm sorry this is late, I've had a lot going on lately x_x Please don't get angry with my if my updates are late for a while... I'll try getting them out on time..

The hair was strange. A mix between light brown and black fell from her head, down her shoulders, and to the seat of the car. This, mixed with the black attire,  gave her skin a pale, ghostly appearance though she was far more corporal than that.

"Wh--who are you?" Luna whispered curiously at the girl sitting next to her. She wasn't frightened. She even fully expect the answer that followed. 


They both shouted at the same time. Luna pointed at the girl at the same time as the girl raised her arms up excitedly introducing herself.

"Well its not fun if you already know." Trixy pouted sadly, lowering her arms again.

"I know." Luna rested her head on the front of the blue car.

The wind pushed them forward silently. The red and yellow stalks around them changed as they moved forward to bright purple and blue. The sky darkened to black, yet stars and moons were absent.

"What a strange place.." Luna spoke quietly. She turned her head to look backwards. The world they left behind, and any sign of their transportation to their current one, was absent. 

"Lets go look around!" Trixy shouted again. Luna grabbed her by the wrist before she could get more than a foot out of the car. "Wha--what are you doing?" She said confused.

"The car won't stay because you left. You might get lost." Trixy sat back in the car.

"I-- You're right, probably." She admitted defeat. With a yawn she curled up on the seat, resting her head on Luna's lap. "Sleep time anyway."

"Yeah..." Luna trailed off, staring off into the distance of the road. Two bright distant lights blinked in the distance as the last thing Luna saw before closing her eyes to sleep.

Short, yes. But I hope its satisfying enough. All I can get out for now. It may even be THE GREATEST THING I'VE WRITTEN EVER!!!!

Sorry... T_T



Its thursday, which means I get to type things to my lovely audiance of readers. Hello!

Still not a whole lot going on, yet... Sooo much going on its insane x_x Not a whole lot in the anime area. I'm still in the dead center of Naruto and haven't found the time to watch it (or anything else, really). 

Most of what is keeping my occupied is stuff that matters. For instance: mother moving away, father moving in, the house being on sale. I also have a job (though temporary) so its pretty neat yet worrying at the same time. It's not a big job, so its not worth going into (so don't ask). It'll be nice to secure money so that when the time comes I have something to survive on. I don't see being in the care of others for that much longer so I'm still looking for a more permanent job x_x

Not really a whole lot else to say, so take care everyone. ^^

Stay away from manholes.



No story today =(

Won't have time to put out a story this week, sorry. =( Busy day today (but I wanted to post something).



Good evening! Or morning, I guess, for you morning people -_-

Not a whole lot going on this week, so I'll explain why my story was late. Plants vs. Zombies. As many of you know, quite a few people are addicted to it and so am I. -_- I had gotten it sometime in the afternoon and ended up playing it until 9:30 then realized my blog was late coming out. Sorry if it seems rushed. T_T

Anime this week has been non-existent (same as last week) but I'll probably get back onto Naruto by next week (I hope).

And my mother is moving out.

Take care guys.